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A 18 week old puppy

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What has happened to my nice, cute, well mannored, gentile, sweet active puppy? Someone found the switch and flipped it. I generally walk him 2 miles a day. We didn't walk yesterday. We went for a ride in the car instead. We got home from the ride and did you know that ride caused him to become deaf and dumb?
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:lol:  hehehehe....wait until he goes thru puberty!!!  :crazyeye:
To teach him to stay in the yard and to come when called, I use a 30 foot leash. It will take 2 people, one to stay with the dog, and you to go 30 feet away and call him. The person with Kota should have him in a "sit" and "stay". Kota should wait to be called to you. When he "comes" give him tons of praise. To keep him in the yard, have him on the leash, and every time he steps out of bounds, step on the leash and use a command, "no" "stop" "inside" whatever you choose to keep him in your yard. It helps if distractions go by, like the kid on the bike, a ball, a bird, another dog, etc. It's worked for my two so far. I have no fence and my dog enjoys the backyard and doesn't step out of bounds.
It is very common for them to go through these changes, sometimes they aren't good changes either! I'm telling prepared for puberty! You will have a little monster on your hands!  :p
As far as the must have treats, as long as Kota doesn't have any weight issues, mine go beserk over cheese cubes or as gross as it is, Liverwurst! I use the liverwurst to hide meds in, and found out dogs go crazy for the stuff! A little dab will do ya! Good Luck with the the end it is so, so worth it!  :D
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Sorry to snicker!  Welcome to boxer ownership  :wink:   He is not exhibiting anything that most of us haven't seen before....annoying as it is!  He is a little early for the teenage phase but maybe showing signs of it already.  The long lead is not a bad idea.  I used a clicker at times with both of mine.  It really got their attention.  Some have used a can full of pebbles or coins and shake those.  

As far as treats go....I use Authority Liver treats for training purposes.  I get them from Petsmart.  As soon as I open the bag, both of mine come to attention!  They can hear it even if they are in the backyard and come runnin! ... 26221&Ne=2

Hope this helps!
There are days I think someone switched dogs on me during the night.  This could end up being a battle of wills I think.  I hope I'm strong enough for the challenge.  Is is fair to think that obediance training, coming up soon, will help with all this?  Thanks for the tips, and, now you have me scared, what is up with adolesence? I don't want another monster too many humans around this house now.   Anything I can do to aviod it? how long does it last? a week I hope.  8O
[quote="KOTAJR\";p=\"4798":2679qvsi] how long does it last? a week I hope.
Oh I'm sorry, I had to laugh.....Even my lovable old man Samson does that still at the ripe old age of 10....Boxers are late bloomers, so like Tootsie said, about the time they hit the "teens" people get frustrated and give up, hence so many in the shelters....It does take patience, oh boy does it....There have been times I would cheerfully pull my hair out to refrain from doing what I really would like to do......It very much is a battle of wills, esp as you are both males..That's one of the issues I am dealing with with Angel..We are both strong willed, hard headed...well you get the picture.....

The lead is an excellent idea, by the way..Great way to work with him to learn to "come" when you call...Use his name over and over again...As for treats, mine have loved everything I have ever gotten, but I think I also used those Authority treats in class and Samson loved them..Trial and error there...I actually bake my own cookies now for mine, so no more store bought treats...

Take a deep breath, repeat to your self, this is just a phase, it will pass, and if you drink, have a nice tall cold one...Lol....Can't wait to meet you both at the next meetup..He sounds like a character
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good luck. i might need luck too since i have a 10 week old female boxer pup..i am house training, what a job
I'll be collecting a new 10 week old next week to bring home to my 11 month old who is right in the middle of the "awkward teenager" phase - what was I thinking???!!!  8O

If she could talk she'd definitely be doing the whole "I hate you!" thing, ha ha!
Oh the joys!  I will be going through the same thing soon 8O  at least I know what to look forward to.  8)
:?   hmmm... what are my chances of escaping this teenage phase unscathed??  lol :wink:
I would say, not so well, as of this weekend, my darling little boy is just starting definace mode this weekend.  Remember they keep score on who wins the most. So don't let him get the best of you too much.  Males, I hear are worse than feel males. I guess I will know about males very well in the near future.
good luck... i have a 13 week old puppy...mine loves to run after birds and other dogs. but i own 2 acres of land for her to run on.
Which brings up another issue.  Any of you have parrot's?  Mine likes to chase birds outside as well, but the indoor birds are off limits.  I am dealing with a trust issue here, me with Kota and the parrot's.  The parrot's fend for them selves pretty well and have bitten him several times (their way of saying "get lost") I am worried that as he gets older one good bounce and I'll have a broken parrot.  Anyone else have experience with this??
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