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A big thank you to sumyasmom

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Kaci got her sweater today and she loves it!

A big big thank you from Kaci and all of us!
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That is really cute!
awwwww! kaci looks so beautiful in the sweater, red is an excellent color on her. and it fits perfect! thanks for the posting pics, i am so happy it is going to good use!  :D
that is a really nice looking sweater...our first success swap :) YAY
I got my sweatshirt/hoodie today for Jetta too...haven't had a chance to try it on her yet...been SOOOO busy..our washer went out and we had to buy a new one and I've been painting the kitchen...CRAZY...pups aren't happy being in the crate so much, but can't have them eating the paint, lol  Thanks you sooo much
Awhhh, she looks great! She looks like she's grown QUITE a bit too!! Such a pretty little girl!!
Kaci looks lovely in her new red sweater Theresa! It fits her perfectly :)
Kaci looks so pretty in her new sweater.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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