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A bit better pic of Diesel!

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Just found a bit better one....when him and Piper play, he can get pretty vocal and bossy. I'm wondering if we should allow this behavior. Piper could care less and plays along, nobody is getting hurt, but I wonder if all the growling from the little guy is going to encourage him to be more aggressive? Its cute now, but probably won't be at 60 lbs!


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Hes adorable!!! I wouldnt worry to much about the noisy play!! My girl was a really noisy one when she was a pup and still is!! It was actually so bad when we took her to puppy class at PetsMart when she was about 3 months old people ran over because they thought her and the other boxer pup in our class were fighting!! :roll:  silly girl
Well Zeus is pretty loud with Dante. They both rough house eachother but they are okay. I wouldnt worry about it either. Just make sure you can calm him down and be in control of him when you want them to stop. Thats just my opinion and suggestion.
both of mine a very verbal and growl the entire time they play.  Only worry if their hair stands up.
My toy are very noisey!! You can sometimes hardly hear the t.v. over their loud mouths! I wouldn't worry about it.. My two have done it for the last two years and not one drop of aggression..
LOL, I wouldn't worry too much..Angel is very vocal and now Samson joins in occasionally..It's all part of play and if you know your dogs, you can tell when it's not play any more..That's when I step in and say "ok, guys, that's enuf"....Love the pic, he's a sweetie.
He it too cute!  Ours both play vocally and it was hard at first to tell if they were just playing or getting mad at each other.  I learned quickly that it is their way of playing.

Diesel looks sooo much like my Scout it's incredible.  I have enclosed a pic of him then and him now.

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