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A face you cannot resist....

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My little man has a face that could make you melt.

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Kash is absolutely adorable -- no doubt about it!!!! He really has a beautiful coat too.
Can you see his little freckles coming out on his chest - ha ha.
Aw :) How cute. Yeah Debo's are REALLY coming out now at 7 months..we noticed @ 5 months and now the spots are really dark.
He's so sweet...reminds me of my indy with the black mask...he's got the poet look he's thinking deep thoughts...

I love the freckles...our Mic is just covered, of course, but we are getting new ones and they aren't all black...some are more the shade of brown that his brindle patch is...and they are running together in some places! :)

I love all of the's fascinating how different and yet similar they can be...expressions and all!

Hug your baby for me! ;)
Too cute! I still can't get over the size of his paws!!
He has such a cute little face! And wow what a glossy coat!

I see freckles!!! Ahhh Kash Man you are a handsome guy....
He's so handsome!!!!  I love the freckles...I get excited too when I see Jaxon's new ones coming out.
He reminds me of my hubby's 1st boxer, Madison.  I didn't meet Madison until he was eight yrs. old, but I have seen pics of him as a puppy and they look a lot alike!  Oh I can just imagine litlle Maddog  now......Madison is the reason that I fell totally in love with the boxer breed.  I miss him so much.  Your boy is very handsome!
Definately a face to melt your heart, he is getting big.
He is so sweet!  What a smooshie little face!
I just wanna squish those lips and squeeze those little cheeks.   What a doll.
He is a cutey.  They are so much fun. What are they thinking?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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