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I have:

1 8"-14" pink and maroon Lupine collar that is about 1/2" wide
it is pictured here on Jetta

I have another lupine collar- cotton candy I think it's called that is 5"- 8"
It is pictured on Jetta here:

I have a orange pumpkin outfit that is pictured on Jetta here- I would say for 10lbs and under:

I also have a same sized purple cape:

Then I have a red leather collar with little silver dogs on it, it's a buckle collar measures about 14"

There are also some small balls and a small ball attached to a tail thing that I am worried my dogs will swallow and get stuck in their throat.

I have 3-4 of the small balls


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Re: A few collars, some balls and some halloween outfits fre

My pups are too big also.  If you don't get any takers here, I'm sure a local animal shelter would use them.  Sometimes I see dogs at ours with cute collars on, and they always can use toys for the puppies.

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Re: A few collars, some balls and some halloween outfits fre

Desiree, just let me know which size she is and stuff
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