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A few problems :]

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:oops: Okay so we have had our boxer <booker> for almost 3 months now and it seems he has a few issues we would like to fix.... one of the issues is he barks and whines excessivly when he leave him in a room by himself... we really want to stop this problem but have no input as how to control it... another issue is he doesnt play well with other dogs except for our roomates boxer...we really want to resolve this issue as well because we would love to take him out and about but with other dogs around its hard... And one more thing he has never went in the house he literally holds it for hours on end but lately in the last few days he has peed once and pooped once in the house can anyone tell me why he is just starting to do this... please help I want to resolve this issue... and make my boxer as good of a dog as I know he can be... thanks so much
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First off welcome to the forum! I hope you can post some pics of your little guy!

Three months is still very young. As I discovered boxers mature late so this means they take a bit longer than most breeds to become adult like! Most boxers do not become potty trained until around 6 months of age. Some quicker some slower! You still should get in a habit of taking him out every 45 min. or so and keep praising him when he goes outside. I think it
Very good suggestions  :) I really can't add much to what Derrick said..Boxers are slow growers and they do play rough, as puppies, other dogs may or may not understand that, so it's up to you to know when to intervene...Watch the body language, learn your Boxer and how he acts...There is a great Sticky topic in the General forum about body language that you may find helpful...And don't think vocal is a bad thing or that it's aggressive, these guys are "talkers' as well.... :)
3 months is not that old so I think I would expect a little whining when lonely.  When you say he does not play well, I assume he is very very hyper towards the other dogs possibly?
Sorry I think I may of misworded something booker is and 1 and half... but we have only had him 3 months....
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