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A little disappointed

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Finally heard from a contact person at the rescue seems that the ONLY home inspector within a 1 hour drive from us has a husband who is very ill and she is needed at home right now. All the other inspectors who are more than 1 hour away are booked in advance with their inspections and cant fit us in. So, I was told that the little girl I really was hoping for will probably be gone before our visit is done. I know, I know, that's why you shouldn't get attached to one and of course I understand that her husband must be her 1st priority but meanwhile I'm surrounded by new crate, dishes, bed and NO puppy. We put all the new things in place already so that Donner wouldn't be overwhelmed with too much new stuff at once, looks like he'll have  plenty of time to get used to it!! Sorry to ramble on, I'm working on being grateful for mine and hubby's good health and send positive thoughts out to the inspector and her husband but I'm just a little disappointed right now.
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Sorry things are not working in your favor time wise!!!     Before we got Hanna we submitted an app for this little white deaf puppy.   They NEVER even contacted us and I sent donations and everything.   Talk about frustrated!!

Then I worked (volunteered) for a different one.  I see how it is with scheduling home inspections and what not.   So you need to be patient  - that is the only thing.  However if this little girl is the right pup for you, then she will be still available, if not, then just tell yourself - things happen for a reason, and she was not the right perfect pup for your family.   It will happen, you are a great person for choosing to rescue, and your perfect pup is out there and will be a part of your family soon.   Just have patients and try not to get frustrated!!!

PS - You can have my two for a week if you really get the urge!!!!
Hang in there! It will happen. It may take a little longer than expected, but it will happen.  :)
sorry to hear that! don't give up yet though.. you may be suprised!
i 100% agree with hanna...things always work out for whats may not be what you 'want' at the time..but later on you see that it really was what was best..
i can feel your frustration..we dont have boxer rescue here AT ALL...and NO rescues will ship here...only thing they have here is humane society...and RIGHT NOW there is a 2 year old fawn male up there....owner surrender for health reasons...BUT the info and background and VERY sketchy...and the more you push the more they WONT tell you...
as much as i want to run down and get HAS to be RIGHT..isis & onyx have an incredible bond..and id hate to mess that up with an aggression issue or whatever the case may be...

shhhhhhhhhhhh i am still going toda to look though hehe...

just hang in there...itll happen...and if shes right for still be there....if not there maybe be one that needs you MORE...

ours are both rescues and there is NO better feeling than bringing them home...both of ours were 4 and 4 1/2 ..with major they are like those past lives never happend....

:D its ok that you prepped you are ready....

itll happen...and when it does youll appreciate it even more :D i know that sounds so cliche' but its tru..

:D have a great weekend hugz
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WHOOOHOOO!!! Just got a phone call, our home visit is tomorrow at 11. Also, just got an e-mail saying the little white girl has been placed, I'm happy for her, a little sad for us :( Guess that means there's another baby out there we're meant to have :D Please keep fingers and paws crossed for us tomorrow! I'm off now to clean everything that I've already scrubbed ONE more time.... so excited!
SEE ! hehe..there IS one that NEEDS you more...thats great im sooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you !!! whoooooooo hoooooooooooooooo
Just got to read this thread and was very happy to see your last post!  Congratulations and hope all goes well.  I'm sure you will find your new baby very soon.
I am sorry that you didn't get the little girl you were hoping for, but just like Ky said, there is one that needs you more than what the little girl did. I am very excited that you are going to be getting another one though. Just hang in there, you'll be just great and soon you will have a new baby around.
I started reading this thread and I was sad, then I got a smile when I saw that your home visit was happening now...I will keep my fingers crossed for you that everything goes well and that there is another little baby waiting to go home with you....Keep us posted!
The good news is someone got her a home! The better news is that there is another baby out there who needs you!! Hope that the meeting goes AMAZING! And that you get the puppy that was meant to be with you! Diffidently keep us posted! Im excited to hear what happens!
Good luck cant wait to hear how it goes.
Re: A little disappointed UPDATE

Well the home visit is done and I think it went VERY well. Our home inspector, Ruth was wonderful. She looked the house over to be sure we were "puppy proof", checked out our puppy supplies and questioned us a little about training, what would we do if we got a puppy that needed medical attention,yard and outdoor habits, etc..She also spent some time with Donner and said she wasn't sure that we would HAVE to pick out a little girl since Donner is so easy going. She has 5 males and 1 female with no problems. YiPPE YAHOO I think we're on  our way to a new baby. Thanks for all the support everyone, it means a lot to us. We'll let you know as we hear more!!!
Congrats. Let us know when u learn more.
I was keeping my fingers crossed that it went well and it sounds like it did....So now you just wait? Whew, feel like an anxious Auntie here.... :lol:
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