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Sorry things are not working in your favor time wise!!!     Before we got Hanna we submitted an app for this little white deaf puppy.   They NEVER even contacted us and I sent donations and everything.   Talk about frustrated!!

Then I worked (volunteered) for a different one.  I see how it is with scheduling home inspections and what not.   So you need to be patient  - that is the only thing.  However if this little girl is the right pup for you, then she will be still available, if not, then just tell yourself - things happen for a reason, and she was not the right perfect pup for your family.   It will happen, you are a great person for choosing to rescue, and your perfect pup is out there and will be a part of your family soon.   Just have patients and try not to get frustrated!!!

PS - You can have my two for a week if you really get the urge!!!!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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