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Accidents from a 3 year old?

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Tyson, who is 3, is completely housetrained. Usually, he'll come let me know when he has to go potty. He was great the first week I had him. Now, whenever I leave the house, I come home to accidents! At first I thought maybe I wasn't keeping him outside long enough. It's gotten to the point that no matter how long I have him out, or how often I take him, he's always pooped & peed in the house when I come home. It's not even that I'm staying gone long, maybe an hour, 2 at most, when I have to run an errand or go grocery shopping. I'm so frustrated tonight, that when I realised he's peed in the carpet, I put him in his kennel. I don't want him to think he's in trouble if I have to put him in his kennel when I go back to work, but I don't know what else to do! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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You might try crating him when your gone.  It sounds like you have a case of seperation anxiety on your hands.  He's probably relieving himself out of stress, not the need (like potty time need) to relieve himself.  Try crating him when you're gone, regular potty breaks with playtime and cuddles thrown in for good measure.

Liz and Lilly
It almost seems like he's doing it out of spite. When I come home, he'll SHOW me where he went! It's the weirdest thing. Thanks.
Dogs aren' tlike that.  They  live in the now, not two hours ago.  If he's showing it to you, he could be trying to "help" you.  As in let you know where you need to clean up.  

Liz and Lilly
lol I can totally see that. "Um.. Here Mama."
Because Boxers are so people oriented they tend to end up with seperation anxiety.  You may try to take him out with you more often.  Teach hima catch phrase for, "your coming with mama this time!!".  I use, " Let's go for a ride!" with clients dogs.

Liz and Lilly
It does sound like separation anxiety..New house, new people, it's tough sometimes. Samson has a big problem with that, but he never acted out that way. He just tried to dig to China to get out! Not sure which is worse actually...Crating Tyson would probably be the best thing right now, at least until you both can get a better fix on each other...It sometimes takes a bit for boxers to get acclimated and if I remember right, Tyson was a rescue? Who knows what has happened to him in the past..
Yes, Ty is a rescue. I've noticed several things that make me worry about his past. He's also VERY skittish around men. My dad is in town visiting, & Ty was very scared of him at first, but now he's great with him. This worries me becaue my husband is deployed & I'm not sure how Tyson is going to react when he comes home. Ty's AWESOME with kids, & women, & he never shows aggression with men, but he's clearly afraid. He's also afraid of dishtowels. I'm so glad you guys are here, I'm trying to be an informed mom. lol Tyson is my first rescue.
I agree with everyone else...sounds like seperation anxiety. I have a rescued girl(Gisselle) that has it also. It doesn't matter how long I am gone If I am not were she can see me it done. She is also afraid of men. I am gald he has a good home now!! Gisselle gets kennled when I leave now. :cry:
The issue about being afraid of men I am very familiar with..Samson had severe issues with Marq..He was soo overly protective of me that I had to crate him anytime Marq came over. He lunged at him, tried to bite him and went for his throat..Samson was taken away from his owner due to neglect, he was left outside for long periods of time chained up. You can see all the scars on his front feet. We also suspect that he might have been used as a bait dog for fighting. I tell you this so you know what I had to overcome when Marq & I started dating..I had a huge dilema..He was very leery of men in general, but Marq posed a huge threat to him....

Well, gradually he started warming up to Marq. We let Samson approach him, not the other way around. We used treats also, which always works for my boy  :) Now 4 yrs later, Samson adores Marq..Waits by the door for him to come home, demands his nightly scratches, you name it...So my advice as far as men, take it very slow..Let Tyson do the approaching. Try not to startle him, let him feel like he's in charge of this...Not sure what the deal is with the dishtowel tho, that's a new one on me. Perhaps his previous owner used to snap him with it or something...It's hard when you get a rescue and can't know what's happened previously so it's like stepping thru a minefield in a ways. BUt at the end of the day, it is so worth it...I've rescued 2, Samson and my lovely Tia and I got to say, rescues make some of the best comapnions as they want so badly to please you and are so happy to have a forever home... :)
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That's Ty's deal too. He's incredibly protective of me, which is surprising since I've only had him a little while. A guy friend playfully hit me in the arm a couple days ago, & Ty wasn't men, but he definitely let him know not to do it again. He makes sure to stay between me & any males around (except my Dad who he LOVES lol). I'm thinking it'll just take time & some patience on Dave's part when he comes home. He's amazing with kids though. I went to the beach with some friends & their kids Saturday, & took Ty with. Any time the kids went towards the water, Ty would start barking at me. It just breaks my heart to think of what he had to have gone through to have these fears. He's such a lovey to me, I can't understand it. Thanks so much for the advice.
Wow!!  :eek:  i learned something today.  :D Savannah does the same thing of going to the bathroom in the house when we leave. I just figured it was because she was never kept in a house-she was outside in a "kennel" 24/7, after watching her the first few months i realized that she wont go in the house unless we do leave and she is out. We attempted to leave her out a few times and it didnt work because of the pee/poo issue. So seperation anxiety can cause this. huh i am just embarrassed that after so many years of being owned by boxers i didnt think of this.  :oops:  I havent ever been owned by one with seperation anxiety though.

The fear of men i know well also. When we first got Savannah she would not go near my boyfriend. she was like a shadow to me, it took almost two months for her to become comfortable with him. The towel it sounds like it was used to hit him with. Savannah is deathly afraid of the fly swatters, and any loud noise. she scares herself most of the time-VERY VERY skittish. we have been working with her since March when we got her and she is improving slowly.

Best of luck and please keep us posted
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That might be a sign thats he is mad at you for leaving. I would crate him when you leave then when you get home praise him for being good. We use to let Jessie out until she riped the couch and other stuff now we crate her then praise her. Good Luck with whatever you decide

Dogs don't think like that.  They live in the now, not the two hous ago.  They will destroy things out of boredom and stress.  Sepration anxiety is a form of stress.

Liz and Lilly
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