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**Acepromazine warning

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Since we have a lot of new members who may be having some surgeries (spaying, neutering, etc..) done on their boxers, I thought I would post this warning so that you can tell your vets to not use ace on your boxers. You can even print this out and let your vet read it.
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Good post - also for all the new users.....  your vet will tell you it is fine to use, or that they only use a little, etc.  DON'T LET THEM USE IT!
I would have never have known about this!  And I plan on having Lola spayed when she is 6 months.  Tootsie you're the best!  Thank you so much!  Lola thanks you too :lol:
wow...hadn't ever heard of this.  thank you SO MUCH!!
Thankyou Tootsie! I've written it in big on Voltaire's 'Carnet de Sant
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