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My 9 year old boxer tore her ACL. The quote for the surgery is $5000. COVID wiped me out monetarily. My vet quit taking payments from all customers long ago. I love her and I don鈥檛 want her in pain. Any ideas?

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I understand completely about the financial thing, gas and groceries are compounding the problem for sure! ACL surgery at 9 years old is going to be very hard on her too. Is her leg stable enough for her to put any weight on it? If so there鈥檚 a chance she could heal on her own but you have to manage her very carefully. No running or jumping for at least 6 months leash walking and support care like an anti inflammatory like meloxicam and if you can find it shockwave therapy or laser therapy would help. I have had my dogs hurt their knees before and have so far gotten them back to full function but mine had partial tears not full tears

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I likely would also put her on rest, no running or jumping, crate if necessary and on leash to potty . While it may not sound loving, I could afford $5000. either and when its a boxer that is already 9 years old. Estimated lifespan is 10 on a healthy boxer. I'd keep her comfortable with palliative measures.


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I never knew exactly what took my last boxer (at 12) because a scan would have cost 5k for the diagnosis
Have contemplated organising crowd funding of a scanner so older dogs get cheaper diagnosis because
some Age related issues have similar symptoms. Surgery is expensive and riskier as the dog ages. If you elect to do it
(surgery) you have to get it right and have it right the diagnosis. Also Dogs can not tell you what the problem is. Older dogs can get several issues. You get an Idea something is up but they can't tell you specifics. Vets are really happy to pull Massive Figures out of the Air. It is a business. Suggest expensive alternate therapies that have no show of working etc etc. They also wanted to remove and eye for $800 plus on a dog with DM.

I lost a dog to miss diagnosis once.

Just saying be careful

Example: I had one dog bitten by a Pit bull - I wanted anti biotics
They were going to milk this to 3k and beyond

Honestly they say dollar signs in their eyes they tried to inspect her in reception with other dogs around
said she had to be put under stay over (had all the sign over forms Ka Ching$$$$)
She was bleeding but because chewing a pigs ear aggravated the wound in her mouth

I had inspected the wound - I held my ground and said you and i will inspect her in the 茂nspection room"
and you will give me the strongest anti biotics you have if it gets worse we will be back.
She was fine,

What I am saying is a $3k problem was solved for $300

Shop around look at alternatives and if they have something terminal help them fight it
and enjoy every day There are lots of ways to make a Dog's life that is losing mobility or anything else
Pretty Good really. Bacon an Egg and Lambs fry fry ups are one.

Any Dog that hits 10 or 12 deserves a serious Birthday cake
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