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Hi All
I am new to the site as a member but not new to site. Reading posts and threads last year really helped me make decisions for my 10 year old angel Cooper who was suffering from cancer. I would have waited a bit to get another but my husband and son could not wait to have a wiggle butt greet them at the door again. So we got Louie, he is 8 months old now and really a good boy for the most part. My husband and I are having a hard time reaching a decision on when to neuter Lou.
I have read some studies that show if you don't wait until they are at least a year old they are 3x more likely to get bone cancer. So for me I want to wait until he is at least a year. Now at our vet's office one Dr told us to wait until he is 2 years , and the other vet we saw at a different visit said we should do it at 6 months because he has 1 ball that never dropped.
So my ? is what is the risk of waiting till he's 1 even with the 1 ball issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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