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I was wondering if anyone on the forum competes in agility with their boxers?  I am thinking of getting Ashley my 9 year old daughter involved in agility with Tyson and Sophie.  If so, can anyone offer some advice on the best way to get started and what their experiences have been good or bad.

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I had both TInk and maddy in Agility. Tink excelled in it and loved it, its a great way to socialize. Maddy on the other, could not be put off leash or she would run around the enclosed area, could be because shes deaf  :roll: I had tink in it for a while and she loved it, we had to stop with her because she recked her knee/ But i think it would be a great thing for boxers to get into, and i think your daughter would love to do it, i just think it takes a bit of patience. Boxers tend to be a little stubborn, atleast with me:p
We did a bit in obedience classes but Kiah really didn't take to it.
We are training for flyball now, but going back to agility come January with hopes of entering novice at ABC 2009

How old is your pup?  Whats the obedience background?  Best thing to do is find a trainer you like and work with them.   At first getting all thr foundation work down is key, then you move on to equiptment.  

Some good site are -   

On clean run they have lots of publications and DVD that you can buy.  It helps alot with working with your dog at home.    There are IMO two types of agility classes.  One for fun, builds confidence in the dog and great for socialization and the other competitive that trains both the dog and the owner fundamentals in order to compete.   So my advice, is to find a trainer and start working from there:)  Good Luck!


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We started agility in this past spring. It's a lot of fun!

I agree with Hanna Banana- it really helps to have a solid foundation of obedience first. Sophia finished 3 rounds of ob training before we started agility. She also received her CGC while in training for agility. It does help with the focus a lot. We have a really good agility club here that we are going to become members of.

We are still very much beginners at it but we will pick it up again in the spring. I'd like compete as well with her well if she continues to enjoy it.

It does help to find a good instructor and class. Our classes were small and it really helped to have other dogs there as distractions.

Good luck with it.
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