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Conner is a good name.  Sometimes you just need to have him around you for a few days and see what name fits.  He will still be okay even if you aren't calling him by a name as soon as you bring him home.  It was almost a month before we found the name for our Ziggi and we went through several names trying them out on him.   All of our dogs had "nicknames" based on their name.  Our Calli started out as Calico and was shortened to Calli, Big C, etc.  Teaki is also known as "T", Berkeley of course was shortened to "Berk" and "baby B" (cause at that time she was the baby of our three).  Ziggi is also known as "Zigfried", "Z Z", Ziggers, etc.  

My husband and kids wanted to name Ziggi "booger" which actually fits him very well but there was NO way I was going to stand outside calling "booger" to come in!  8O  :D
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