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BxrLv22\";p=\"51784 said:
My pup comes home tomorrow!!!! OMG I cant believe it! But........ here is the problem...

I was going to name him alex, actually... i LOVE the name Alex. However, there are some personal reasons as to why I cant. As soon as I told my mother what I was going to name him her face just dropped.... She told me he was my dog, and she doesn't even live in the same state as I do, so name him whatever I want. But I feel as though she wont like him if I name him Alex... :(

I would love to explain why, it just has to do with an "ex" boss of hers, and I don't feel its my place to go spread her work life around the internet. My dad loves the name alex, but agrees with my mom...

So the question is do you think he looks like a Conner? I've gone out to see him about 3 or 4 times now, and to me he just looked like an Alex. I do feel he looks like a Conner too, I was thinking Liam as well-- However, I just don't see him being a "Liam".

Sorry this is a pointless thread, I just need help with a name. I want to be able to call him by his name when he comes home tomorrow.

You may have already decided...and I am sure whatever you name him will fit in time...but, just in case you are interested in knowing, Alex in Hawaiian is "Alika" last dog was named "Alika" and we always liked it...might seem strange to you...if you don't have Hawaiian connections...but, i thought I would mention it! Good luck and have fun! He's GORGEOUS! :)
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