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Ahh! I need a name!!! I cant name him Alex!

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My pup comes home tomorrow!!!! OMG I cant believe it! But........ here is the problem...

I was going to name him alex, actually... i LOVE the name Alex. However, there are some personal reasons as to why I cant. As soon as I told my mother what I was going to name him her face just dropped.... She told me he was my dog, and she doesn't even live in the same state as I do, so name him whatever I want. But I feel as though she wont like him if I name him Alex... :(

I would love to explain why, it just has to do with an "ex" boss of hers, and I don't feel its my place to go spread her work life around the internet. My dad loves the name alex, but agrees with my mom...

So the question is do you think he looks like a Conner? I've gone out to see him about 3 or 4 times now, and to me he just looked like an Alex. I do feel he looks like a Conner too, I was thinking Liam as well-- However, I just don't see him being a "Liam".

Sorry this is a pointless thread, I just need help with a name. I want to be able to call him by his name when he comes home tomorrow.

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oh thank you guys! i love all the names you have suggested! I felt horrible as soon as I saw my mothers face drop, I cant believe I completely forgot her old bosses name was Alex!

Yea I didnt want to name him until I got him home, it was just every time I went out to see him for some reason I just wanted to call him alex. I LOVE tucker! I was also thinking Rocky only because the pup that did pass his name was rocky (if you dont remember they thought it was a contagious virus and all the pups would be gone in a week, turned out it was an allergic reaction to an azalea bush... :() He was fine at noon then by 1 he just had suffocated to death..... (she checked them on the hour every hour) i fell in love with all the pups, so finding out that rocky passed was hard for me to deal with... So I am still considering naming him Rocking to keep the pup that passed alive through memory. Oh he was so beautiful too... It was just a misfortunate accident....

but right now I have my short list down to

Thanks again guys!--- now my mother and i are going to the mall... oh this is going to be fun  :roll: (notice the sarcasm....)
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thanks guys so much! at least i now have a list to chose from! also what do you guys think about Vincent?

I just dont know, but I would love to name him vincent... When I was 3 we had a chow chow named vincent, he suddenly passed due to cancer forming on the brain stem. He was here one day, then the next he was having seizures and suddenly passed at the vets office. They even did an autopsy because they could not figure out what was going on. He was my protector, and when i say protector i mean PROTECTOR (if you've owned a chow chow you know what i mean lol)

would that be tacky? its been about 20 years since he has passed? I still feel he is around watching my every move still protecting me. I haven't asked my parents, but they loved that dog so much I think they would love it, and they might feel that vincent is back... in some sort of boxer way (i know i do) :)  

sorry if im not sounding all together right now-- im extremely tired, but cant sleep... this is killing me!
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