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Allergies and IVD dog food

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Gino (1 yr old male) seems to have terrible allergies.  Due to non stop scratching and itching he developed puss and blood filled welts under his chin.  We took him to the vet and he's been put on a few med's and IVD dog food.  He also received a special shampoo that we have to use 2-3 times a week.  Has anyone ever had to use IVD?  Did it seem to work?  I'm hoping it's a food allergy so we can move on from this.  Very very pricey, as I just found out, to deal with allergies.
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We used IVD at the vet that I worked for.  It seemed to help a lot of dogs.  Another good "allergy" food is Science Diet Z/D.  I think it might be a little cheaper too.  Good luck!
Have you considered switching him to a raw diet?  I've read that a lot of dogs with food allergies do very well once switched to raw food. There is a sticky in the food forum with a few good links.
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