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Almost 1 with very bad heart disease

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Hi all.  My boxer boy, Bentley, will be one year old on Wednesday.  Sadly, Bentley has a severe case of heart disease.  I've been trying to find his litter mates to let them know.  I adopted Bentley from a breeder in Clinton Twp. Michigan in March of 2006, if you know anybody who might be related to my boy please let me know.
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I'm very sorry to hear this. Have you contacted his breeder to let them know? If they were reputable, I'm sure they will want to know for their records and to let the owners of Bentley's littermates know.

Did they say what disease it was? Was it Sub Aortic Stenosis or Cardiomyopathy?

I'm very sorry that you have to worry about this right now, I hope that you have many many years with your boy.
I am sorry to hear of Bentley's heart problem.  I too hope you have many years with him.
Poor baby!  We'll pray for him.  
Heart disease is not necessarily a death sentence.  I've had heart problems all my life and I'm still here.  Of coarse, they didn't expect me to be, but that's all right too!  Prayer helps.
Hugs and best wishes,
I am soo sorry to hear that... Like Jess said, I would definitely get in touch with the breeder, they should have records of who else purchased their puppies & be able to get in touch with them...

Keeping sweet Bentley in my thoughts & prayers & give us updates pls....
Yes, definitely try to get in touch with the breeder.  Also, if you haven't, I strongly urge you to see Dr. Brown in Novi - he's a board-certified cardiologist who is doing extensive work with Boxer heart issues.  He's based out of this clinic:
Hi all and thank you for your concerns and prayers...Bentley has subaortic stenosis, but that intern has lead to many other problems with the heart...we are seeing a wonderful cardiologist in our area, but at this point we've done all the testing we can do.  We still have check ups every four weeks and take meds three times a day.  We keep him as calm as possible, and of course spoil him rotten.  He's excellent, I can't believe how well he took to training.  

I have let the breeder know, but she wasn't as reputable as we thought.  It was our first time getting a puppy and we should've done some things differently.  We have not heard from nor do we want to hear from her again...that's a whole other story.

At this point we've done all we can and we will continue to do all that we can...we just keep reminding ourselves that a happy heart is a healthy heart.
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I had problems like yours and a breeders like yours from Florida.  Didn't care that they were breaking peoples hearts by breeding unhealthy stock, I had two dogs from them that had heart problems and they weren't related!  Just remember that Bentley doesn't really realize he's sick and will carry on as best he can.  They are so stoic and brave.  He is lucky to have such a wonderful family.  

God bless,

Most of us on here have now or have had in the past a boxer that we thought we had gotten from a reputable breeder...It's a shame actually & my heart goes out to you & Bentley....Like Nano said, Bentley doesn't even realize he is sick, boxers are that way, bless them for that.....

Give your boy a big hug for me & keeping you in my thoughts
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