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Alpha has a rare rash in his paws

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Alpha has a rash on her four paws, but look like burns.  All the fingers are red inside and outside , two of her paws are swollen, the vet said she had athlete's foot, but she still have the same rash after all medication.  has anybody had the same experience?
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I had dogs growing up that had something like that...but theirs were allergies.
Don't know if it's any help but we recently treated Donner for yeast in his ears and after the meds were done we started on yogurt as a preventative. Then we noticed that not only his ears weren't cherry red any more, his feet weren't either!!! Even the pink on his nose isn't as bright. Have NO idea how these things are related ( or if they are ) just a observation. Given the fact that his toes are swollen I wonder if it is allergies, did the vet mention trying Benadryl? Maybe Sharon will be on with some help. Good Luck!
Isis had the yeast ear inf thing too...but she also has issues with red paws..they told me also it was allergies..we know fresh cut grass which she loves is 1 of them and benedryl is wonderfull for effects her feet,toes and between and also spreads to bumps on body..

they gave us prednisone the first tiime.i NEVER did that again !! poor girl couldnt control her bladder and peed everywhere als made her lethargic and felt yukky !!and it wasnt necessary i realized the next time she broke out..and i used benedryl and it was great !! i am in no way saying dont go to the just telling you my experience... :D

Sharon is the one to ask..maybe send her a priv. mssg?
Does sound like allergies.
Could be something in the food or something she walks on.  Maybe try cleaning the floors with something that doesn't have harsh chemicals in it.
Sounds like allergy or a chemical burn to me.  Athlete foot in dogs generally is just between the toes and it is really a yeast infection. So, anything with miconazole (Lotrimin, Lamisil) should work.  With the swelling in the toes I would think allergy so yep everyone is right I would try the Benedryl.  If it is a chemical burn the pads on the foot will look wavy (burnt) and if that is the case probably something that was stepped on or in.  You can soak in Epson Salt and treat the pads with Neosporin probably have to wrap the feet, which will be hard with all four.

I would say start with the Benedryl.........
The vet said she has "demodetic mange".  I don't know why she have this, I'm worry about that
Demodectic mange is not's a pain...but, not unusual...both of my boys are having an outbreak with is treated with a dip...or some maintainance medications...but, the feet sound like something seperate...the outbreak of demodex can come from stress or a lowered immune system...I can tell you that for allergies, benedryl does's 1 mg per pound of body weight for dogs...every 8 really helps!
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