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Angel is pretty in pink

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My sister sent me some "girlie" scarves for Angel, so now hopefully she will quit trying to take Samson's away from him :lol:
Had to get a couple pictures of her and her new fashion statement...She's not thrilled, keeps trying to get them off, but I think she looks quite Chic now                                                                                                                                            

then I caught one of both of them, as usual I was disturbing nappy time

She looks like she is telling me how totally disgusted she is with my idea of dress up

Finally, they both fell asleep
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how cute! i am not a fan of pink myself, but that new "scarf" she has is adorable. Very chic!! :)
LOL, Angel really looks like she wants to be left alone in the pic with Samson.
They are both so cute.  I love their colors!
LOL...She looks as though she is so upset that "mom is making me wear this thing" in the first picture.
She does look pretty in pink though. It looks like they are so comfortable with each other now.  :D
Can i butt in and ask a question? I know i'm a bit thick and living in France for so long hasn't helped with the english - but what does "Lol" mean?
I really love the pink scarf by the way! Mega fashion!
LOL- Laugh Out Loud. mostly used when instant messaging and things of that nature to show someone you are smiling or find something funny.
Thankyou! I was stumped on that one!
So cute pink looks good on her
love the pink!
Awww! She sure looks cute in pink but she doesn't look very impressed does she?!

No, she definitely is not impressed with her "new clothes"..Samson loves his and stands so patiently for me while I dress him every day...Course now Angel is always trying to get his clothes off..... :lol: ..Today they are wearing blue, Angel a light blue, and Samson a darker blue
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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