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Animal abuse by police

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Sounds like a trigger happy cop - that is sad when the dog is 10 yards away from the cop!
thats redicilous ....

here is one. My wife when she was young he parents got the kids (4) a dog it was a shepard / wolf mix... yes a muttt...but one day my wifes neice was playing around and went to the food dish and grabbed some kible and got bit in the face for getting in the dogs food. Well the ambulance was called becuase she was hurt pretty bad. SHe is perfect noe BTW you cant tell anything happened... Any who.

hey tied to dog outside and decided it was an outside dog since it was fine as a dog and nobody ever got hurt in normal conttact..... But 2 days after the bite a cop showed up and walked to the dog ...shot it in the head in front the whole family.. and get in the car and left... never said a word to anybody...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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