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Annoying Neighbor Etiquette... do I say anything? (long)

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So, we have these neighbors to the east of us that are just totally hopeless... seriously.  They have two dogs that they never let inside (a basset hound and a beagle), they never walk them and I never see them play with them.  They are totally neglected.  Oh, and they bark ALL THE TIME.  It was annoying before, but now that we have Porter, it's even MORE annoying.  We'll go out to play with his ball, or do his business, and they will just bark their a$$es off.  I know, dogs bark.  I get it.  But these dogs are just unruley!   :evil:

Tonight, we were out playing with the tennis ball and Porter, mind you, NEVER barks back (I am so proud of him).  They were just barking like mad and Porter was just ignoring them.  Well, it got so bad, a couple other neighbors were yelling at the dog to shut up (insert 4-letter words where you see fit).  Finally one of them came over and blamed Porter.  I showed him that Porter was just totally oblivious to their barks and he apologized.  Then, one of our other neighbors blamed Porter for "taunting" the other dogs.  Which is NOT true.  Porter SHOULD be able to play in his own yard, esp since he's not even barking back.  In fact, he stays away from that side of the fence.   :x

So, as I said before, these neighbors are just hopeless... they let their kids run rampant.  We've witnessed their kids throwing dog poo over the fence (before we got Porter).  They take mail out of our mailbox.  They go in our backyard when we're not there and play in our sprinklers (we have a gate/fence).  I mean, i wouldn't really mind that if they asked.  I just don't think saying anything about these dogs will do any good.  Oh, and today I witnessed the mom leave her 7 year old and 2 year old home alone... awesome.  

What would you do??   :?:
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Yeah, call the authorities and get a lock on your gate so they can't come in.
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