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another dog

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i want to get another boxer for my lil guy so he has somebody to play with. what would be the best choice another male or another female? i would eventually like to breed but i am so busy with school and work.
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That is why we adopted Guido, we wanted her to have someone to play with. Even though Macy plays well with every dog she meets, regardless of the sex, we decided to look for a male in case the other dog had problems. I was told that males get along better with females than other males, but that differs depending on the dog.

Are you getting another boxer or considering a different breed?

We though about breeding Macy at some point, but after researching it, it seemed like too much work and I didn't want to put her through that so we just got her fixed. Have you bred before?
As you asked this question already in another thread, my answer will be the same. Considering your schedule, I would not advise it, for the reasons that I stated in your other post. Boxers are very social, they need their humans. Having 2, while it may seem like a good idea, could cause even more problems, ie: more destruction. A bored boxer is a destructive boxer..

As far as breeding, Have you bred before? Are you willing to have all tests done and make sure the bitch does as well? Are you prepared for the costs and time involved? Please read my thread in the breeding section about responsible breeders. Or are you just doing this because it seems like a fun thing to do? Believe me, it's not meant to be, a responsible breeder is not in it for the money, first of all..There is a lot of heartache involved as well...A breeder is looking to better our breed and that is their sole goal...Perfection....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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