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How do you rate Garlic as a flea preventative?

  • Done correctly is just as reliable as your comercial grade preventative.

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  • Even if done correctly the risk of flea infestation is high.

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  • Not reliable for every day flea prevention.

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I have read a few testimonies on Garlic for flea control. I am interested because of two possible benefits. 1. it is definitively better on their health than [insert any chemical loaded brand] since it is made by nature. 2. Garlic is way cheaper that what it costs me to maintain my two doggies [boxers obviously].

My questions are:
1. How do you administer the Garlic and what is the recommended dose?
2. How smelly do they get?
3. If smell is a problem how do you deal with it? -I am one of those freaks that struggles to maintain a "dogie smell" free environment- [I know... sick isn't it? especially with my two balls of mud... I mean Boxers...]

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