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Another new member!

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Hi, another new member here! My husband and I have a  "son", Manny is 9 months old. We got him when he was about 2 months old and can not imagine our lives without him! He is a fiesty puppy and everyone that meets him immediately gets a kiss! We're working hard on his jumping! Otherwise, one day he's going to knock us over!


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Hi Manny and family, welcome to the Forum.  You certainly are a georgeous boy.  He's a real sweetheart.
Thank you! He is our pride and joy!
Hi & welcome!! What a cute boy you are!!   He looks like a sweetie pie!!!Tug says HI!!
Hello and welcome,  

This is Mosley....he say wooo woooo arhhh arrrrr


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Hello and welcome!  :D  Manny is a gorgeous boy!!
Welcome! Manny is so pretty! (don't tell him I use the word "pretty" he probably wouldn't like that)  :lol:
Hello and welcome from me, Mo and Nikko!  Your baby boy is that cute little face! :)
Welcome from Kiah and me, Manny is sooo cute.  If no one has said it, we need to see a lot of pictures.
Thanks everyone for the welcome messages! Don't worry, I plan on showing lots more pictures of the pretty boy. He gets called pretty all the time (especially by me!), so I think he's used to it by now. Even his Daddy, who was against calling him "pretty", has broken down and started calling him pretty boy!
Stay tuned for more pictures!
Welcome!  He is very handsome, and so cute!!!  Wish my guys would sit still long enough for a good picture!  8O
Welcome to all of you and yup he may be a guy, but he's pretty..Lol...Looking forward to hearing more about him.... :)
Hi and Welcome! You'll LOVE it here!! Manny is a very handsome boy!!
Hi and welcome. Manny is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics of him!

Hello and welcome to the forum!!!  Manny is a cutie.
hello and Manny is a real cutie!!!!
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