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Another Question

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Ok this is another heat cycle question. I have been looking through website after website for the past hour and have got no where!! Since Reese started her heat cycle (this should be the third week) she has had more accidents in the poo, just pee. I read Sharons aricle about UTI with spayed females and such...but what about when they arent spayed...and are going through their cycle??And her little "who-ha" are should start to unswell towards the end of this week..right??

One other update...Reese has been gaining weight like crazy over the past two said another 5 pounds and she is good for spay!! YAY!!
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If I remember from my one experience with this, we had a lot of "accidents" when this dog we rescued was in heat...It was driving me crazy..So I don't know if this is normal or not Andrea....How funny that Reese would be gaining weight so much during her cycle, but that's good if it means you will be able to get her spayed......
Not sure about the accidents but so glad Reese is putting on some weight.
Many bitches feel the need to urinate more frequently when they're in season, so as long as everything else seems find I wouldn't be too worried about it - she should get back to normal when she's out of season.  (I'm not sure if the vet has talked about timeline, but I do suggest waiting a few months after she's out of season before spaying, to allow her hormones to settle back down to normal.)  Her swelling should start to decrease at the end of her season, but it probably won't go all the way back down to what it was before her season (depends on the bitch, and how much she swelled in the first place, of course, but generally speaking they'll stay a bit enlarged - nothing major, in most cases, especially after only one season).
Nikki had a few accidents when she was going through her cycle. I never linked the two together but what A GREAT QUESTION!! I should have considering she's 12 and has been house trained since FOREVER!
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