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Anxiety related stinkiness

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Hi all,

I have had a 4 yo spayed, female boxer rescue for 1 year.  Former show dog - very anxiety ridden.  Possibly crated a lot early on and missed out on socialization???  Anyway, our main problem with her is her odor - not her ears, coat or feet, and really, not even her mouth.  It seems to be deeper than that - like it's coming from her stomach.  It seems as though something is rotting away inside her and when she gets upset (which means when I leave her side to go in a grocery store or leave her at home) her stink is much more pronounced.  When she chews on a toy the room smells up enough to strip paint even!  My vet, who was recommended to me by a boxer rescue group in town, doesn't know what to do.  I was wondering about Dinovite myself as her homeopathic dog food she came with made matters worse than the plain old Iams she is on now.  We've tried other dog food brands as well but seem to find the best fit for her has been the Iams.  She also has issues with Demodectic mange and anxiety related incontinence.  She is my 3rd boxer so I am aware of how unbelievably sensitive they are as a breed and wonder if her issues aren't related to something I'm doing.  Lastly, I contacted a homeopathic vet who wanted $110 for the initial consultation - so before I go out and start spending that kind of money just to talk to someone, I thought I'd better do some research and ask other boxer owners what they've run into.   :?:
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Did your vet clean/check her anal glands?

Also many more sever things then food trapped in the gums, or an inflamation of the mouth can cause the bad breath.
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