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Any Color Boxer With Blue Eyes? newcastle?

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as you know Isis has 2 blue eyes..just curious if anyone's ever seen any other color boxer with blue eyes? or is it just a white thing?...people find Isis's eyes creepy therefore assume shes mean..i hate that

i know this would NOT be breed acceptable, i was just wondering as i was sitting here looking at Isis..i have seen a few whites with 1 blue eye and only ONE other white with 2 blue eyes like her.....but Isis was used as a breeding machine and i wonder if any of her pups had the 2 blue eyes..

just for GP....she sees perfectly..even in the dark...alot of people ask
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creepy? omg I think she has the most beutiful eyes I have ever seen on a dog, or human for that matter. My dad's an optometrist and I work there on the weekends, people pay big money for there eyes to look like
It would be cool to see a dark boxer with her eyes...
I do think its a white thing with the lack of pigment being part of the eye thing.

I have never seen any brindle or fawn with a blue eye, however different levels of depth of a brown color.
haaaaaaaaa you are so right !!! funny b/c our siamese has the exact same color eyes as Isis...and my sister  8O hahaha

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i think she is beautiful ky and those who say she is creepy....well they are creepy :D my girls both have brown but i agree with HannaB that it most likely is a white thing for boxers
8O im hooked now lol..i have to start a search for another blue eyed ****** lol..probably take years !..

although our next boxer is sure to be in 09 when we get off this rock back to reality...and def. from our friends in mass...grand baby to her Nikko that passed in 07 that we all loved dearly !

id just feel 110% with a pup from someone i know and know for sure about many generations of their dogs and have seen not just told about...and she already knows if a ****** comes from a litter its MINE haha..but shes only had i think 4 or 5 in 25 yrs...shhh doesnt mean one wont come JUST for us can dream right ?  :wink:

not that i dont trust other breeders just at a place in my life that i need to know for as certain as i can ... nothing is written in stone but as sure as one can be anyway..
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I've never seen one either.  I always figured it was a recessive gene thing that went along with them being white.  And I agree Isis is beautiful...her eyes are such a great shade of blue, it's a stunning combination.

Does she ever seem sensitive to light?  I was just wondering because I have a very hard time myself and pretty much live in sunglasses...I read that blue eyes are more sensitive than other colors so I was curious if it's like that with dogs
How anyone could think Isis is creepy is crazy; she is beautiful with her blue eyes.
no she doesnt seem to at all..we take both dogs surfing with us and i was curious about that the first time..we put water babies lotion on her...but her eyes seem fine..never get red or anything..and she loves the sun !! even in the try and lay out there forever..

my eyes are a weird gold brown and i too live in sunglasses..both parents sis and both brothers all have blue blue eyes..jsut not me haha..
i havent seen any dark boxers with blue eyes but my brother had a dark brown pit with 2 blue eyes
Ky I have seen alot of dogs and alot of boxers and I can not recall seeing another boxer with blue eyes like Isis has.  The only other breed that comes to my mind right off that i have seen with her eye color is a weimerinar.  She is a beauty....for sure not creepy! As strange as people are sometimes I am suprised you have not been asked if she wears contacts  :lol:
I have a friend with a pit that is the color of a weimaraner with light yellow eyes, when he was little they were ice blue, it's a pretty wild look, though I must admit I wish they had stayed blue
[quote="sharonL\";p=\"70569":yxfci7dq]Ky I have seen alot of dogs and alot of boxers and I can not recall seeing another boxer with blue eyes like Isis has.
:D i know isnt he so pretty..i couldnt believe it when i saw him on there..
He's a handsome boy!
It wouldn't be impossible for a fawn or brindle Boxer to have a blue eye(s), but it would be unlikely, and I can't say that I've heard of one that I can recall.  I know of a few with very light brown/yellow eyes, but not blue.  Heather is right, it's connected to the (lack of) pigmentation associated with the extreme piebald gene; two doses of the gene (white) is much more likely to lack pigment in the eyes (blue eyes) and ears (deaf).  I have seen some other white Boxers with two blue eyes, but I think most only have one.
here u go... Blue has a blue and brown eye and is fawn ... pic&t=3775
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