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Any good dog beds out there?

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My wife replaces Daisy's dog bed with new beds all the time. They get a big dent in the center, I fluff it up and a few days later it looks uncomfortable again. Has anyone had a bed their dog loves and lasts more than a couple months? Anyone tried memory foam?
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we dont use actuall dog beds, we used to but they got destroyed quickly. Savannah and Reese have this huge queen sized quilt that they love to sleep on.
if you look in my photo gallery, you will see jessies bed... weve had it since she was about 2 months old, and its still as firm as when we first got it... it has a cushion inside it
I used an old quilt and made it into a XL pillow.  It's big enough for the two of them.  I went to Walmart and got pillow stuffing and they love it.  It is the first one that they haven't tried to destroy.

Bought this bed about 10 days ago from a well known swedish store :wink:  - about 80 dollars. 30 x 40 inches. The sides are nice and firm and Voltaire loves curling up in the padded centre. It's foam covered by a complete removable waterproof zipped cover and a second furry elasticated washable cover. Really practical. Voltaire recommends it :D
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we have a memory foam fpr the kitchen but brady seems to sleep better
on it so it's upstairs right seems solid and firm. No sinking or anything yet. 2, don't get the kind with the micromiber type cover. Rawhide "juice" sticks to it and it constantly looks like someone vomitted on it. Need to wash it at least once a week.
Also, there is the memory foam itself...then inside the liner there is a  foam pad...that liner velcos and you can take out that pad to make cleaning easier.
Also, have you considered just restuffing a bed with some batting?
I'd go with the memory foam. When Odin gets bigger that's what I want to get. I made the mistake of buying a $50 bed for an 8 wk old boxer pup that didn't like being in his crate. I woke up one morning with the stuffing pulled out of the bed and it just DESTROYED. So now he gets old towels and what not till he gets a little better about taking care of his things in the crate.
i scored with a huge pillow from sams club that has been durable, but alwasy looking for something new.
Also, have you considered just restuffing a bed with some batting?
Yep, tried that and it lasted a little while longer, but not as long as it should have.
I got a bed for Samson from Petsmart and it has cedar shavings in it..Serves 2 purposes, keeps it smelling better and it's easy to fluff back into shape. Has a removable cover that can be washed also...It took him a few days to get used to the sound it makes, but once I sat on it with him, he was fine... :) I got the medium size, but I think the larger one would be better....
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