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Anybody with a deaf dog.

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Does your dog look at the ceiling a lot? I noticed that Mr. Blanco always stops to look at the ceiling and I was wondering if it had anything to do with him being deaf.
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Here's a great topic on teaching deaf dogs, hope it helps  :) ... pic&t=1679
I have some great sites that people gave me I was just wondering if anybody else has noticed that in their dog. Thank you for the link.
well my dogs do it..but that's because they know we have new squirrel visitors in our attic. grrr
Chevy looks up alot.. now her being so small, Im not sure if its the ceiling, or if she is just trying to find someone in the room. I'll keep watching her and let you know.........
Kiah is a hearing dog but looks up at the ceiling alot, never can figure out what she is looking at or for.
Winston is deaf and he does look at the ceiling and off to other areas in the room and I can't figure out why sometimes. I've come to 2 conclusions. 1. my house is haunted and he sees ghosts. ( I don't know that this is true) or 2. He is very light sensitive and notices slighter changes in the light then we do ( this I know, that he is light sensitive). But any who yes Winston does tend to stare off in directions that to me look like no good reason to be looking at.
Isis does that as well as looking in the other room or around the room...she sniffs the air most of the time for changes...and thats when she gets up if somethings different...actually picked up on someone outside our gate yesterday..we were upstairs in my room she was 1/2 asleep on my bed...she started looking up...then sniffing, sat up, woofed a little....looked out the window and started woofing more...there WAS someone out there ! the mailman...

its amazing what deaf dogs teach themselves...its a wonderful are going to love it..promise !!
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