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Anybody's Boxers on Dogster?

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Hi guys!

I've just created a page for Roxy on ( and was wondering how many of you have pages set up for your Boxers!  If you do, please could you post the links to them so I can add them as Roxy's friends!  :)
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Mine is and my link should be right below my posting but just in case its
how do you add someone?
o.k. i just added sumya. she is in there! it is a really cool site. i am hooked!
kiahsmom\";p=\"53261 said:
how do you add someone?
You go to a page and underneath the picture there are icons.. the second one over is to add
if you want to add a dog there is an icon on the home page on the upper left hand side that says "add a dog" i think that is how you do it?..
Thats to add a second dog to your account
Here is Jetta's Dogster Page:

and Bo's

I'm thinking of adding a page for Buster and Simba...though Buster is my mom's and Simba is both mine and my sisters but stays with my mom...
sumyasmom\";p=\"53263 said:
o.k. i just added sumya. she is in there! it is a really cool site. i am hooked!
Care to share with us your ID ???

[quote="sumyasmom\";p=\"53337":3pp61aeb]lol! yeah. duh,,,
hehehe! :D
I have one for Reeko and Roxy:) Dont know the links because my computer wont let me on there lmao But if you do and advanced search you can find them. For either Red Hook, NY or Milan, NY cant remember what town I put lmao
heres ours ....



** we have catster too lol...under meet my family both cats are there lol

i think i added everyone...feel free to add us
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