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anyone ever heard of a "wubba" ?

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i just wanted to spread the word about ths toy i got for sumya. i am fairly new to owning a boxer ( i have only had sumya for 8 months) so this might be something most  of you already have heard of. it is made by the kong company and it looks like across between a snowman and an octupus, and it is covered in fleece.i picked it up at my local petsmart for about 12 dollars.sumya loves it more than any other toy she has, and she has alot of toys. i put down  a small piece of steak and the wubba and she went right for the wubba.just an f.y.i for everyone.i highly reccomened it!
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They are great, Kiah has a camo one.
Lola "had" one of those.  She loved it...but she also had a leg torn off in 5 minutes flat!  Each day...a new leg was gone, then she got the cover off!  She doesn't play nice with her toys!
This is one of Jaxon's favorite toys!...his is the red nylon material.

yeah, that wouldn't last a day in this house. lol
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Lol, we have 2 of them, Samson picked it up once, so of course I got pics of that event. Angel is fickle , she changes toys every day, but she enjoys playing with it & both of ours are still whole... :)
Loki has one too and I got him one at petsmart and handed it to him and he snatched it like more and he was like mine
So far, Koa has kept his puppy wubba in tact.  I can't say the same for the wubba that Shadow has (my brother's black lab).
We got one yesterday!  Saving it for Christmas, but Henry seemed excited about it. :D
Wubba's are great!
It's the only toy I have found that my Labrador "Marlee" hasn't destroyed.
She loves it so much....she even has to carry it outside with her to go potty!

All our dogs are getting Wubbas for Christmas this year!
Yeah I have to say, after seeing it in the store the first time I said "pfft...that'll never last."  But a few weeks later I needed a new chew toy and I just decided to give it a shot since I had heard about it on here.  The thing is way more indestructable than it looks.  My dog is still a puppy, but where many other toys have gotten destroyed or at least worn, the wubba barely has a mark on it.  And he's OBSESSED with this thing, he needs to know where it is at all times.  He'll fall asleep with the thing in his mouth all the time.  Sometimes he just sleeps on top of it.  One of his favorite words in the English language is now "wubba"

So glad I bought one.  I think it's only the smaller nylon version too
hmmm, i may have to try one...Neither of my dogs are too hard on toys...even the little puppy itty bitty plush squeakies are all intact

10 minutes after i gave it to her.
She definately likes it though.
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Yea, i'm with Derrick, wow....Ours still look brand new, course the "Destroyer" doesn't play with them that much  :lol:
Yes, and already demolished...I think that one lasted about 30 minutes.
Okay so, it's been six days since I posted the '10 minutes later' pic and Sadie has been dragging that poor Wubba everywhere she goes, her ears perk up when I say 'Wubba' and she's been gnawing on it and shaking it to death................... and it still looks the same. a little dirtier, but still intact. I'm impressed.
We got ours from Heather's Kristmas Kash....and it is still intact and is a favorite for two dog tug of
after seeing the wubba on this site i had to go and get one. not easy to find in australia but i got one. the thing lasted 24 hours before showing signs of distress. they dont take too well to tug of war games between two boxers....
Picked up one for Cooper today.  He absolutely loved it at first being fairly gentle with it, but once he got down to it, it probably only lasted about 10 minutes.  2 of the legs are torn off and the other two are halfway shredded.  Found it at Petsmart, definitely not going to get another one for him.  Had high hopes because the canvas is really tough!  Almost as thick and tough as a collar.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.
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