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Anyone Hear of This Rescue

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I just put an application into Adopt a Boxer Rescue - they seemed like a reputable rescue.  Here's a link to it. ... ctions.htm
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The only thing I can see that may be a problem is that they are in NY. Do they allow out of state adoptions. I really didn't read it all too well, but they look like an awesome rescue.
Well the ones I picked out that I thought I might like said they were located in PA, so I don't know.  Guess I'll wait and see if I hear anything from them.
Ooops!! I just read their adoption app!!  :p  Looks good!!
Yes, it says right on the application the states they service. You should be good to go! Good Luck...I'll keep fingers and paws crossed for you!
Now I'm getting all excited and probably nothing will come of it or it will take months and months.  LOL
Your phone will be ringing faster than you expect!  :D
good luck! hope things work out and you get to bring a boxer home soon!!
Good luck! Let  us know how it goes...

I just zipped through the list very quickly and they are all good looking!  :D
They do look like a great place and of course i had to go thru and look at all the heart broke when I saw Rosie..She's a very dignified senior and I know it's going to be hard to home her due to her age.....They all look so lovely, want to take them all!
[quote="Craftydeb\";p=\"19814":3kibu994]I just put an application into Adopt a Boxer Rescue - they seemed like a reputable rescue.
We got our Abby baby through them!!!!! They were great to work with, particularly Michele (I can't remember her last name).  

We are in Connecticut and they have local volunteers who come to perform the home inspection.  The local woman was Karen, she came with her two boxers and we had a response by the next day I believe.  She kept us updated as to boxers which were available and as soon as they found out about Abby, Karen called at like 9:00 p.m. one night letting us know. We had some questions, which were answered to the best of their knowledge (they hadn't even met Abby yet) and we just needed to sort out her spaying. Like most rescues, spaying/neutering must be completed before bringing them home.  However, the foster mom had her hands full with fosters and having Abby spayed would have meant that they would have had to keep her for another week between getting her in to be spayed and us driving out to get her. She was 5.5 hours away from us and we had to wait until a Saturday (I didn't want to bring her home during the week when we would have to go to work if we could avoid it).  About 2 hours after the original phone call, the details were straightened out, we agreed to sign an agreement to have her spayed within 2 weeks. Best 5.5 hour drive ever happened the following morning!!! And she laid in my lap the entire 5.5 hour trip back home, sweet baby girl that she is.  

Like any rescue, they have their picky moments as they are trying to do what is best for the dogs! Although rescuing Abby was a cinch, we did encounter some difficulties when we began our search for our second rescue. Particularly, there was disagreement among the "powers to be" about how we should handle taking 2 dogs outside when we didn't have a fenced in yard. Despite explaining that Abby is walked and we had an un-used 200 foot runner, someone wasn't thrilled.  Karen, our local contact, was insistant that we fence a portion of the property, while Dawn (the main decision maker in PA) was fine with walking one and putting one on the runner, which is what we do to this day.  It took a half a dozen phone calls to get the story straight and then finally a call to Karen saying, Look, Dawn said she's ok with our plan. Karen gave in. Our thought through this whole process was, good lord, we have a wonderful home to offer to another rescue and they have dozens on their website at any given point that need good homes. And the concern was how to let them both pee at the same time? Karen made a MUCH bigger issue out of the fence issue than Dawn was making, although it was relayed to me that it was actually Dawn making an issue out of it. By the time I spoke directly with Dawn, she was like...I don't care how you handle it, I just want to be sure they are safe. Seemed they were concerned that we would have 2 dogs on one runner strangling each other.

We did choose a 2nd boxer from them and drove 6 hours for him but it was a bad match. This dog had been in foster with 5 great danes and was wonderful. However, once home, things went wrong. We did the introduction by the book and we ended up crating them both for a while to calm him down because the male was so worked up he had given himself a bloody nose. He was trying to attack Abby, whow as in her crate, from his crate...his crate was actually jumping off the ground. It was a match that just wasn't going to work and Adopt a Boxer was very good about it, understanding that sometimes, it just doesn't work.

We ended up getting our 2nd rescue through a cocker spaniel rescue, but I would not hesitate to work with Adopt A Boxer again.

Location wise...yes, they work with out of state people. Most are fostered in either PA or in the Harrison, NY area...although most seem to be in PA.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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By the way, from the application being submitted, it was about 2 days before a phone call, home visit that weekend and it was well under 2 weeks before we got just happened to move along fast for us but we weren't being too picky, we just wanted a somewhat younger female to start with (with home renovations going on and no children yet, it was probably the one time in our life that having a younger dog/puppy would be fun! hahaha!)
Here's the link their website of Abby when we got her!!! She was Mya when we got her but we changed her name (she had only had that name for a day so she didn't know it yet) ... PA0612.htm
It looks like a wonderful place and they got a grant from the American Boxer Federation which is good.  I am so glad you are thinking of adopting; I hope you find what you are looking for.
I live in the country and have 13 acres, so I don't have a fenced in anything, I hope that doesn't hurt my chances.  I usually just let my dogs out to run and keep an eye on them of course and they can run, do their business or whatever until I'm ready for them to come in.

Now with a new dog, I would keep it on a leash for a while and let it go slowly until I felt comfortable it wasn't going to run off.
I can't imagine that it would hurt your chances...I think the concern was that they would strangle each other if I put them on the same runner and plus, I live on a main road in my town, so there's not really the option of taking the risk and just letting them run free. I think you should be fine. No worries. They want a good life for the dogs, that is their priority. If you need help with contact people, let me know, I still have some email addresses.
Thank you - I appreciate all your help.
I don't think not having a fence will hurt your chance at all. I don't have a fence, and I adopted through a rescue. I think it all depends on who does the home visit. Once that they see you can give a pet a happy and healthy home, you should be all set. Good Luck. Let us know how it is going!  :)
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