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Anyone NOT done TPLO?

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Our 4 year old male has torn the ccl in both hind knees.  We have met with the surgeon and he recommends that we have TPLO done on both knees.  It seems that for a 4 year old dog that it is pretty much the only good option.  
The bottom line for us, though, is that we cannot afford it.  We will have to take out a second mortgage on our house to even afford one knee ($3,200), my current job is ending in June and we are going to be just barely scraping by even without the extra payments.  
Has anyone chosen to not do the surgery?  The surgeon said that he will not have any use of his hind legs within 2 years if we don't do it.  Is this true?
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My Rottweiler tore his.  The vet recommended that we DON'T do the surgery though because he was a big boy and weighed a lot (not fat, just a freak of nature!).  Vet said that his weight would not support the surgery and the dog would end up favoring his other leg in which the same thing could then happen.  He told us that eventually it would tear completely off, which it did.

A couple of years later his back-end gave out on him, as the vet told us it would, and we did have to put him down (that and a combination of really bad arthritis)....he was 6.


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I understand how you feel.  I went through the same feelings, even though for us the vet said it wouldn't do him any good in the end. The cost was tooo much for us to even think about.

We decided against it and hoped for the best.  I'm so sorry you have to make this decision.  

If I can say anything though, if there is any way you can afford do it, I would suggest it, only because what I had to watch my Charlie go through in the end was unbearable.   :cry:
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