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Anyone tried giving their boxer CBD for arthritis?

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We give our dog Metacam for a limp that had slowly developed in her front leg. We give it to her for 4 days with a day off so she isn't on constant medication. The limp seems to mostly be under control now, with the occasional minor flare up.

I've heard some good stories about people whose senior dogs have responded well to CBD, having more energy and less stiffness, and was thinking we could try giving it to Mia if it might help.

Does anyone have some related CBD stories to share?
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Yep we just had a threat on here for a long inflammation issue. Well not really confrontation in that case. I felt that if you have a an issue with "inflamation," the CBD does indeed seem to help! So I would try it. :)
I have used Adaquan injections for my dogs when arthritis is a problem really seems to help the Vet will guide you on this and its non irritating to the stomach as well.
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I tried it, it helped a lot, a really good remedy.
To be honest, this is a very strange tool to help a dog. You can use CBD several times as a painkiller, but I strongly recommend not using it often, as the dog may develop addiction. You can also alternate between CBD and kratom. For example, I used green malay kratom when my dog had severe back pain (at least the vet said they were in the back). If I'm not mistaken, I gave kratom to the dog about 2 times a week to soothe its pain. In total, Rex had 6 kratom receptions and nothing happened to him, he is completely healthy. I hope this tool will help you, good luck! The main thing is not to abuse it.
I'm a little skeptical about that. I would not give this to my dog, maybe in some special case.
Hi! Never tried giving it to my dog, tho now I wanna try it, but I tried it myself and it helped me a lot. I have anxiety, plus insomnia and pain. The meds weren’t helping, so I tried using weed and I saw the effect instantly. Didn’t know what kind to use so I found one that a has a big variety of them. Here’s the link if someone needs it too. It’s online, so you know it will work for the countries where it legalized. This stuff is good and the best part is that weed it’s not giving any harm to yourself.
I started Mia (34kg) on 8.5 mg daily. I think it has helped with joint stiffness. After an after-dinner nap she had a significant limp when getting up to be let out. She still gets up slowly, but her front legs seem to have much more flexibility and no longer have that peg-leg swing.

Also, I've started cutting back on Metacam from 4 days+skip a day to 3 days+skip a day. Does not seem to bring back the limp she had developed when out for a walk.
My dog didn't have arthritis, but he had glaucoma. This is a very serious disease for dogs, as they cannot say what hurts them, but can only tolerate the pain or try to show it. For a while, I didn't know what to do with it at all, so I decided to study it a bit. After reading articles on I decided to give it a try. This disease is not treated and I decided to ease the torment of my dog. I gave my dog CBD oil and after a couple of hours, she became more cheerful. The symptoms of this disease recede for a while. My dog is feeling better now, started wagging his tail. I am very glad that I found this way.
Yes, I find it takes 1-2 hours to kick in. Mia (almost 10 1/2) has been doing great on a combination of Metacam and CBD. For 3 days she gets CBD (a.m.) and Metacam (p.m.), then 1 day she gets CBD a.m. and p.m.

We took her on a road trip yesterday to visit our son who shares an old Victorian home with school mates, and I was surprised to see a video my daughter took of Mia going up and down a long wooden staircase (11' ceilings) without any difficulty.
Hey there! I've given CBD to my dog, too, and it really seems to help with his arthritis. I've also heard that there are special CBD products made specifically for pets, which might be worth looking into. There are definitely a lot of positive stories out there about CBD and pets.I also came across an interesting article about the benefits of CBD, which might be helpful for anyone looking to learn more about it. It talks about the history of CBD and its potential for pain relief and reducing inflammation. Here's the link:еst-cbd-for-relief. I hope that helps!
I gave my senior arthritic boxer CBD chews and the result was dramatic improvement. She went from being very sedentary to running around like her youthful self after just a few days of starting treatment. We kept her on the chews for a couple of years until she eventually passed on. I've recommended them to several other dog owners and most had good results. The only down sides were the cost (they aren't cheap) and the fact that some dogs just won't eat them. The brand we used was Ellevet as it was the only reliable company available at that time, though I think there are more brands available nowadays.

Regarding some comments above referencing addiction and "weed", please keep in mind that the chews for dogs are CBD, not the addictive intoxicating elements of marijuana. There is no danger of addiction with CBD, and it is not "weed".
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