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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Can this be added to food/water and can it also be diluted with water and misted with a spray bottle directly on a pup to help fight against demodectic mange?

Ive heard of alot of people who have had success using this method along with the dips that the vet does. My pup is healing pretty well just wanted to know if this would also aid in the process and help prevent future breakouts. Thanks.
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I have heard of the method of putting the vinegar in a spray bottle and  spray directly on a pup to help fight against mange. What kind of mange does your pup have? I'm so sorry about the mange, it is terrible. I had a scare with Cato because he had a spot of hair lost on his paw. I took him to the vet and they scraped him and tested for mange, and thank god it came back negative.
He has localized demodectic mange. Its clearing up pretty good and it isnt really that noticable anymore
There are two types of manges. One is hereditory and the other one is called red mange if I'm not mistaking. The red mange is contagious to humans, and it can be cured with dips and they won't come back. The hereditory one however lives on the dog and will come back from time to time. It is not contagious to human,and as long as your dog's immune system is up they won't come back. Thats what my vet told me.
the one he has isnt contagious and i am boosting his immune system with a raw diet.
What kind of raw are you feeding?  Premade.  If using premade raw or raw that you feed in the bowl I have added ACV to that.    Also salmon oil as well as drops of liquid echinacea I add into as immune boosters!
I used to just add a couple teaspoonsful in the water bowl..
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