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I must greatly thank you for bringing this thread back to life! This is a great idea and I wasn't a member when it was active! I am definitely going to try this as soon as I get home! Cannot wait. I know Kiwi loves apple, but if I could get Diesel doing this I know it would keep her busy for hours! (Kiwi not so much... She takes all of two seconds to make it through anything, including once eating an inedible Nyla bone... -.- only edible toys for her!)
It doesn't take Ziva quite as long as I'd like it to, lol, but it does keep her busy for a little while, at least! And I agree...great idea!!

This is a great idea! I'm gunna see if I have a corer. Duke just recently stole an apple and ran outside with it. It was actually hilarious to see him throw it around. Thanks for the idea!!
LOL Ziva has definitely done that! I think her favorite fruit to play with though, believe it or not, is a lemon! I had her at my father's office with me one day and instead of laying down, which is her norm, she was wanting to play. One of the girls had a lemon on her desk and asked if she could let Z play with it. Ziva has been obsessed ever since. Will have to see if I can find a video to upload. To hilarious!

Great idea. I always give them a bit when I'm eating. I will have to get an apple core tomorrow.
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Lol I still don't have one. I've just been cutting the core out. Haven't lost any fingers yet, but I'm thinking I better get one before I do lol.
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