There’s a lot to like about the Boxer breed! Though they might look a bit brutish or silly, they are nevertheless energetic, smart, and affectionate dogs. Often enough, they get confused for Pitbulls, although the two are not the same – not even close. These dogs were first bred in Germany and became a wonderful, protective, and smart pet that’s loved all over the world. A Boxer is an agile dog with a hefty appetite for fun and games. But don’t mistake this energy for aggressiveness – Boxers are not violent, and their nature is the total opposite of hostility. They can make ideal family dogs that will become protective and caring of their owners.

If you plan to introduce a young Boxer doggo into your family, there are first a couple of things to take into account. As puppies, Boxers can have unlimited energy. They are inquisitive, naughty, and a true handful. It might take a bit of patient training and positive reinforcement to curb their high energy levels and train them to be less mischievous. But once this important step is done, they become obedient and protective.

As an owner of a Boxer dog, you will need to meet their needs for exercise. They are full of energy and are very agile. Regular walks, playtime, running, and exercise are a must for a Boxer. When an agile animal like this is always kept cooped up, they can become sad, lethargic, and eventually sick. But in a family environment, this shouldn’t be an issue – there’s always someone to play with the pet.

Boxers are, in many ways, the ideal family dog. When cared for properly and raised up in a loving household, they grow up to become the true guardians. They have a natural instinct to protect the family and care for everyone equally. Surprisingly, even though they can grow up large and muscular, Boxers are great and gentle around children. In their early history, Boxers were known as fighting dogs. But that reputation is far behind in the past – and today, things are entirely different. A Boxer is a friendly, sweet dog that will quickly grow on you.

Caring for a Boxer shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you sort out their diet and settle on a daily routine, you will have no problem keeping everything in line. Just remember to train your Boxer puppy from the get-go! If untrained, they can grow up to be hyperactive and really mischievous. And that can make them a challenge in a busy household. But if trained properly and with a clear owner-pet relationship established, they will mature quickly and become loving and protective pet dogs.

A lot of people label a Boxer personality as big and full of love. In a loving environment, these dogs will truly thrive. Eager to meet new people and new dogs, Boxers will always put their friendliest face first. And even better – if you wanted a loving and caring guardian dog for your family, the Boxer makes for an ideal choice. Lots of love, energy, and fun are sure to follow wherever a Boxer is!

Photo credit: Zadranka/Shutterstock