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As the title says. But not to fear "Rocky and I Ok fine.

But we learned some stuff and I have been remiss in not sharing it here ... my Bad. The first encounter ... record my perfect ... "No Dog Get's to mine without getting past me, record. Because one did but ... I kinda set up that ... since it seems that I ugh ... can't see as well as dogs in total darkness??? Live and learn. Details of that encounter are here.:
Well my "Perfect" record of "no dog gets to mine without getting past me is "toast!!!" One did and it was a freaking "Black and Tan GSD!!!!"

Rocky is fine ... I'm fine. I'm just seriously ticked off!!!! Perfect storm and yet again ... I violated my own advice!! New tenants moved into a house on the corner. I told Marily ... don't go by that area ...large chain length fence with "extremely badly behaved" dogs there. And at least one of them was a GSD!!!

So I "knew" but it's a commercial area property and no moon tonight ... and the place looked abandoned to me??? A Rocky apparently saw the dogs behind the fence ... I could not??? So he did the nose at the fence ears up alert??? But as I could barely see "Rocky" I paid that no heed??? Next thing I know dogs come, charging the fence??? The place looked abandoned???

Reaction form "Rocky" .... nothing! OK fine then we'll gain some distance form the fence and continue on our journey .... but halfway past ... I decide well those dogs I know understand are there??? It's a large frontage for the fence ... so let's just turn around and take another path. So that's what we do but ... apparently the fence is not secure???

We turn around to take another route ... I put "Rocky" on the outside so I'm between him and the fence ... did not matter ... that fence is not secure and there were was not one but at least two if not three out of control GSD's behind that fence????

And at least one of them slips out!!! And he is charging us and from "Rocky" ... I get nothing!! Daddys got this but ... but this time ... Daddy can't see anything??? The one dog slips by me as I try to figure out what the HE!! is going on going??? Rockys yeps as he is struck!!!! And I'm ticked off!!!!! Clearly not a sustained attacked ... to quick for me to kick the crap out of the attacking dog?? And I could not grab to engage becasue I could not see "anything????"

That **** dog circled around and struck!! By the time I could see him he was already moving!!! He got to "Rocky" and "Rocky" yelped!!!! I was freaking ticked off and that dog at least understood ... he messed up!!!! That guy is freaking insane!!!!

But that dog clearly understood that he screwed with the wrong freaking dog and owner!!!! It was a quick hit and he disengaged!!! I freaking dared him to freaking try again!!!

I lost my phone so I took "Rocky" around the corner told him to stay and I'm going back for my freaking phone!!! Come at me if you freaking dare!!!!! They did not!!

Rocky ... did as he has been trained ... but over trained??? I got no warning of imminent danger from him??? He could see the threat but I could not ... but you know ... "Daddys got this???"

We came home and I drove back to retrieve my phone. I am freaking ticked off!!!! Marilyn will go down tomorrow and talk to the owners ... I just can't!! My plan would be to go back during "daylight" and look for payback!!! But if there are other folks out here and they walk less "formattable breeds that way!" And if that dog or dogs get a whole of a lesser dog and owner ... someone is gonna die!! So yeah her plan is better than mine, and "Rocky" sigh ... no big deal ... "apparently" this was our best adventure ever!!

And about that particular "WL GSD" that got by me ... I learned days later some details.:

Up Date

Well ... this "Situation" has proved ... "interesting???" And I did in fact go to "talk to the owners" ... as a "Rational Human" (just saying.) Marilyn, made first contact and I then followed up. And "NO" there will be no "Animal Control involvement!" When I went there to "follow up" and I explained what had happened ... the owners were horrified!! And we both pointed to the same gate where we suspect one of the two "GSD's" got out???

But continuing with the dogs ... one of which, I could not see in the darkness but he was an "Irish Wolfhound Mix!!" Apparently that "grey/black/white thing they have going on ... makes them to "invisible in the dark" ... who knew???? But as I said we "stopped" becasue "something" seemed different this time??? And as it happened ... yes ... yes "something" was! It was in fact two ... full spec "WL Female GSD's." One of them was a "Family Pet" and most likely the one I could see and she did what I expected ... stayed at the fence acting like a fool?? That's why we backed off as far as we could but that's not why we stopped. That dog was doing as I "expected" nothing new there. But "something" was different???

As it happened the most probable "suspect" of the two was "not" a "Family Pet???" Turns out she was a "former" MWD ... "Drug Detention" dog from Mexico!!! So it was a "you guys ... hold his attention and I'll go get them kinda thing??" That's what I "felt" and that's why we stopped!

The only reason she got washed out was becasue her "handler let her get pregnant" and she was going to be destroyed! So "now" she was going to be "PTS!" But she was "rescued" and that is how she came to be where she was!! The "Irish Wolfhound Mix" that I did not see ... was her son???

And it turns out that "no" the dogs are not "abandoned?? In fact ... they are all from "Mexico" and the owners plan on setting up a "Rescue Organization" right by the police sub station on our corner???

They were "horrified" that this happened and plan on making changes. They had also planned on using the name "Dog Town Rescue" ... I told them well they could but "here" that name is already taken as that is where "Rocky" came from.

Have to say ... my change of "attitude" was becasue "Marilyn" went down first. She met the dogs (the GSD's) in particular and came back saying ... sweet dogs, well behaved and beautiful??? Well you know "show me" so I went down myself. And yes all of them were very nice dogs, and in fact there were three chocolate colored bundles of hair that I could also not see.

But the Tan and Black "WL GSD's" ... zero people issues??? Aside from my "astonishment" at how seriously small they were by comparison to "Rocky" I was impressed and now ... I can no longer "honestly" referrer to "people friendly, "WL GSD's" as a "mythical beast??" That ... kinda sucks "for me" but as I am want to say "Show Me" and they did!

They said ... bring "Rocky" down and we can introduce all the dogs??? I said of course "Thank You" but "no" that is outside my comfort zone. But I did offer to help them with "Dog Training/Volunteer" once they get set up and clearly they

I guess as the saying goes ... "things are not always what they appear to be???"

But lesson learned ... if you walk your dogs at night carry a Flashlight or use an alternative source of illumination or both. I like to have my hands free so I went with this.

Now it's not an actual flashlight of course but it works and what I did not expect .. is that a dog's eyes glow when you look at them!

Had I had one then ... I'd have not been take by surprise ... as said ... lesson learned! But there is more ... if you carry an actual "Tactical Flashlight" at night you can use the strobe effect to disorient a dog as explained here.:
Slamdunc ... is a K9 LE Swat officer and he kinda ticked me off with a few of his comments ... so that got ... "interesting." Still good advise is good advise so what he had to say on pointe is about half way down.

German Shepherd Dog Forums - View Single Post - Argggg!!!! Dog Attack!!!!

So if you walk a night carry a flashlight or an alternative hands free source of light ... lesson learned the hard way ... kinda how I roll at imes ... sigh.

And ... following that encounter ... two/three weeks later ... are you freaking kidding me ... came round two. Different dog different circumstances and a pretty astonishing outcome. :)
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