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at home with the dog during the week

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Just wondering if anyone else is pretty much with their dog(s) all the time.  I work from home, so I rarely go out during the week except to hit a few stores or whatever.  On the weekends I bring my dog to friends houses and stuff, but inevitably one night or afternoon I have something where I can't bring the dog.  I'm just wondering for those home during the week, are you always with your dog?  The reason I ask is that when I got my puppy, I was with him 24/7 and I think it was almost too much because he developed some pretty bad separation anxiety to the point I couldn't even leave the room.  After weeks of giving him alone time, he is a lot better about it.  I basically didn't keep him in my office room during the day, but I'd go and visit and take him outside and all that.  But now I'm tempted to keep him in my office all the time because I obviously like having him around and I know he's bored.   But I don't want him to revert back to being too attached, and having too many problems when I leave the house without him.  I'm thinking maybe it's just healthy to have alone time even when we are both home.  Just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation and what the results are.  Thanks
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I think I remember that Kate said she is at home with her two all the time.......Maybe she will chime in or maybe PM her your question.....I am in and out of the house so much I am no help to you on this one!
Do you have a dogy daycare near by that you could visit to see if it is a place where you would like him to stay a couple of days a week?  It is a great way to socialize and get used to other people.   Just an idea.
Theres actually 2 daycares right down the street.  Considered it until I read some daycare horror stories on here and backed away.  Probably worth looking into though.  To be honest though, he gets really well socialized at my friends houses and stuff, he loves all people, especially kids, loves to play with other dogs.  His only real problem seems to be being alone!  I mean I've left him alone for hours and he's generally fine, but I don't want him to be too attached to me.  Maybe daycare would be good for that I guess
do you crate him?
Right now he gets gated off to a small, safe area of the house.   I was unable to crate him due to the separation anxiety, but I am slowly working on him being in the crate again now that he's not so anxious anymore.  He is terrified of the thing though.
oh no! he is scared of his crate? what would happen if you left him out in his gated off space and you left the house?( sorry for all the questions) i am home all day with sumya but she gets crated when i leave, i could never leave her home alone free to roam. was thinking if you could with oggie it would be a great thing for you both!


I actually have left him home alone uncrated a lot.  I tried to crate him originally, but as I was saying before the separation anxiety was too much and he would be do distraught it was just a bad scene.  I had to get him over the anxiety before I went back to the carte. He's actually been alone for up to 5 to 6 hours uncrated, he never has any accidents or anything.  He's almost perfectly behaved.  Almost.  That was until this past weekend I left him alone for a night and he tore apart part of the couch cushion.  So I've decided he can't be left home alone in the living room, or any room with valuable stuff!  So now I just gate him off in a hallway connected to a safe, basically empty extra room.  He has his dog bed in there, his toys, he's really fine as long as theres nothing there to tempt him.  I would like to get him used to the crate but it's going to take some time.  But theres really no urgency since he's well behaved, so I'm working on it gradually.  When I'm home, he's allowed free reign of the house and he's very good.

But to bring me back to my earlier question, since you are home with sumya all day, does she have problems when you finally do go out?  It's great that she goes in the crate, I'm just wondering if you think all the time spent with her makes leaving her that much harder.  That's really my big concern at this point....being too attached

Thanks for the responses and help everybody, was curious about other people's situations.  I wasn't really trying to make it a thread about crate training, just about whether it's healthy for dogs to be allowed to be always at your side when you are home a lot.
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Can't help ya out, ours have been crate trained since the get-go.  By me and the wife work full time.  I do come home for lunch and let them out.  We try to include them is whenever possible, and we're mainly homebodies.   Even took them on vacation with us to Destin!
IMO I think he would be fine to be around you.   Just give him something to occupy him (like a nice big bully stick) or what not while you work.   I think IMO by him knowing you are home may be more issues with keeping him separated then when you are home.

My husband gets laid off during the winter, and is with the dogs 24/7.   I notice no differene when we leave or what not.  

However daycare is a good thing, even if you do one half day per week just to get him some socialization and some playtime esp during winter months.  Trust me, he will sleep for like 2 days after a full day of romping at daycare.   On horror stories, you have to find the right one.  We have been to three different ones, all different.  I like the ones with webcams, ones that separate big dogs from little barky dogs and ones that dont employ 19 year old without a trained adult.  The one I like has webcam, has CPR certified adult caretaker, and only allows a certain number of dogs in.   I hate the ones that cram them in there to make a buck.   Also shall something go on, you are right down the street and can come get him.  Worth a shot!!!
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when i do leave sumya, i put her in the crate and go. i can hear her whining when i leave, and sometimes i will come home she will have ripped apart her dog bed.i just always try to act like it no big deal. i don't even say good - bye when i leave because i don't want to place alot of empahsis on me going away. i don't rush to her when i come home either. i give it a few minutes before i let her has worked for me when i have to leave her.i it lessens my anxiety about leaving her alone and i am sure it will help her too. but hanna bananas' suggestion about doggie day care would'nt be bad either...
I'm home all the time since I dont work, but when we go out on the weekends we crate Diesel and put chyna in our bedroom. Diesel completely resists going into the crate, I have to literally pick him up and put him in. But once he's in there, he'll sit down and just wait quietly for us to let him out.
I tried to leave him with Chyna in our room, since he's never had any destroying problems, but as soon as I closed the door he started jumping and scratching at it. So he went back into his crate instead.
Just  a suggestion.. The room that you put him in when you leave I would put this crate in there with the door tied open and put a bed in it.  So when he is in the room he can go in and out a he pleases then he will get used to it on his own and hopefully like it.  So during the day or when you are gone you can crate him;  then he won't get so attached and shouldn't have a problem.
On the other hand I have been home with Titan ever since we got him and I take him with me most of the time so he is with he all the time like you but he does not have problems.  But when I leave he has Emma or Rowdy so he is not all by him self.  When he does get left by him self he still doesn't seem to have any problems though.  Daycare is a good option too.
I am going to do daycare for Kash-Man one day a week.  He needs something to really wear him out, and Hanna is not an option all the time:)
We are usually home 24/7 with our dogs and haven't had much trouble with any separation issues.  We have two so they have each other and that makes a difference.  We did notice that Teaki was really anxious when we left her alone right after we lost our other two boxers (she had never been alone).  She didn't tear anything up or go on the floor just cried alot when we were getting ready to leave.  Now when we do go out Ziggi gets put in the cage if it will be for more than an hour and Teaki has free run of the house.  We are slowly leaving Ziggi out of the create a little at a time so eventually he will also have free run of the house.   The dogs are always with us all day long, following us from room to room but they do entertain themselves by playing with toys or playing with each other.  Boxers are big pack animals and LOVE to be with their family.
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well i didnt real the whole forum and all the answers but i am at home literally 24/7 other than going to the grocery store or to visit family, hailee and i are always together she doesnt seem to mind when i leave and shes more of a daddys girl tbh and he is gone 12 hour days 4 days a week but when hes home she forgets about me lol.. i dont know if this helps cause like i said i didnt read the whole forum but i hope so :)
One of us is home except for about 2 1/2 hours a day. Donner isn't crated these days and, knock wood, no demolition! He does run frantically from window to window watching us pull out of the driveway but does ok while we're gone. You might want to practice just going outside for a few minutes and coming right back in, then shortly... go out again. Might help re-enforce that you are coming back??? Do you try leaving a radio or tv on for him??? If all else fails, maybe you'll have to get him a puppy for Christmas :lol:
Just kidding, good luck!
I'm home all the time and they do get spoiled having you there, but in a good way if that makes any sense....I don't think that it would be a problem lettting Oggie stay with you in the office, he's getting older, so a result of that is he is better adjusted as well..You can try and see what happens...Samson was spoiled when I got him, he went everywhere with me, grocery shopping, wine store, you name it. Everyone knew his name....Now I have created a monster, as he feels that he should still go everywhere :)
Willow, that sounds just like Harley!!! I take him EVERYWHERE!!!! with me.  Just about every one in our town knows who Harley is! But back to the topic,  whenever we go anywhere and put him in his crate, he whines and barks. He has issues with seperation anxiety!! When he goes out to potty, a lot of times he will go to the car, and sit on the passenger side of my car waiting to "go".
Hey guys, thanks for all the responses and advice!  Oggie is spending today in my "office" with me and he's very happy.     :D

You have also persuaded me to look into daycare at least once a week, I think it would be good for him.  I'm going to go check out a few places this weekend.  Thanks again.
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