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Attention NEO

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Join my new group! Boxer Brawlers!

You can find us on facebook
"Boxer Brawlers- A NEO Group of Boxer Lovers"

Love Boxers? Do you have a Boxer and want to get together with other Boxer lovers who understand the breed and all of their unique personalities, traits, and characteristics? Do you want to learn more about the Boxer breed? Have you ever wondered how a group of Boxers play and interact? Are you thinking about adding a Boxer to your home, but want to interact with them first?
If you answered YES to all of the above, then join our boxer group.
"Boxer Brawlers- NEO Group of Boxer Lovers"
We will be meeting up twice a month (or more) Starting in March and running through November (weather permitting) at one of the many dog parks in the area.
Dog parks we will meet at include, but are not limited to
Bow Wow Beach in Stow
Keyser Dog Park in Cuyahoga Falls
Akron Dog Park at Cascade Valley Park
Portage Lakes Dog Park
Furnas Dog Park in Massillon
Please share pictures and introduce yourself and your Boxers.
Calendars will be made, and delivered to your facebook account by March.
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Yes, the parks on the list above are all in the greater Akron area. There are more up by cleveland though, so like she said, we're not going to be limited to the list in which parks we travel to.

And if you were to come out to a Boxer Brawl at Bow Wow Beach, it would be WELL worth the 4hrs worth of traveling time!!! It's an amazing park!
Yes, totally worth it!

Just to clarify, anyone can join the facebook group, even if you don't live close! Just be sure to introduce yourself!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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