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Attila just broke his front right leg. :pray:

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When I arrived home at 1030 cdt my wife started yelling and I guess Attila and Daphne were trying to see whom can meet me at the door first.  I guess Daphne won by brute force.  She stated Attila's leg got pressed hard against the ground when he jumped off the couch.  I walked in the door and there is a Attila with no tears (what a tough guy), and his right front paw just dangling.  I hurried as fast as I could and grabbed him put him in the car and had my wife drive to the local vet.  I called our vet to have them transfer the vet records to the other vet which was going to be our new vet anyways.  I get there and they let us right in.  They stated that just by looking at it, it is broken and our options are a stint or surgery.  They are doing the x-rays right now and said that they will call me back later this evening to come and discuss his situation further. :pray:
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oh, wow...i would have freaked out...poor baby..I hope it's a minor break and they can fix it without surgery.  Lots of boxer hugs and kisses for atilla from Jetta and Bo...and Jetta gives him a big kiss on the lips!
Aww poor thing. I hope everything ends up being alright :(
hope it all goes well, breaking anything stinks..
OMG, I'm so sorry, to hear that, you must be so worried for him...I know I would be freaking out and worried.....good luck to you and Attila...keep us posted
I am so sorry to hear about Attila, I hope that they can fix it without surgery.  Kiah sends kisses too.
I am so sorry to hear about Attila! Hope the poor guy doesn't have to go through surgery! Gus and I will be thinking of him... :cry:
Dustin, sorry to hear that we will be praying for you all, let us know as soon as you hear something please.
I hope Attila is  going to be ok. poor man!! he ws just so excited to see daddy :) keep us posted on how he is doing.
So So  sorry to hear about Attilas leg. We sure hope the little guys leg mends O.K.
Donner and Blitzy are sending all kinds of healing vibes. :pray:  :pray:
Aww..poor boy!  :(  I hope Attila's leg mends real quick without any further issues. {{Hugz}}
I just got off the phone with the dog trainer trying to plea with her to allow me to take Attila out of the class and put Daphne in his place, will see how that goes.

Back on track it is now 1245 cdt and no news from the vet yet.  My wife is curled in a ball crying next to daphne.  I appreciate all the thoughts/prays to get well soon.  I know it is not a minor fractor because the "writst" was about an 1" to the right of the rest of his leg.  I think we will just have then put a splint on and then have my wife place guasse bandages all over it so that he has a better time walking on it if they allow us to take him home tonight, that is if they call us this evening.
Ok, I would have been freaking out!! I sure hope Attila is going to be ok! Lucy and Sam send boxer hugs to Attila.
Poor Attila! Me and Daisy send lots of boxer hugs and kisses his way!!!

I know it's scary.  It's probably been worse on you than Attila.  Poor fella!
sure hope atilla can come home soon! poor baby! big boxer hugs and kisses to you!! hope your leg heals fast!
Better be thinking of ways to keep Atilla still when he comes home.  I would suggest getting a 48 inch ex-pen for him.  JB Wholesale has some reasonable.  Much bigger than a crate but he will need more room than that to get comfortable. That is what I used with my pup when he broke his and had to be kept still.  Gave him room to stretch out and play without running around at all.  Sending good thoughts and healing energy your way.

that is terrible. i hope he comes home soon and it heals quickly. hugs and kisses to the little guy
OMG, poor Attila  :cry: Hoping you hear from the vet, and Attila can come home soon!
I am so sorry, Poor Attila..Hoping it goes well and he comes home this evening...Sending tons of healing vibes out and some nice Boxer hugs as well..I think the X-pen would be a good idea to keep him from running around too much
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