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Attn! All Cold Weather Boxer owners! Jacket on sale!

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So I know everyone was interested in looking into those horse-style coats for your beautiful pups! Well, I was on the dover saddlery site last night to look for stuff for little tucker, and found this wonderful little fleece coat on sale for 13 bucks! Thought I would send the link out for anyone interested :) the sale is going on until the 15th :D

(let me know if this link doesn't work--- if it doesn't work just type in "dog" in the search box)

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Those are nice!! I will have to get one for Harley and Dozer if this Cold weather keeps up!!!!
The link worked for me.  Where does the strap fit?  I found that if the strap is back too far, it is too long for Kiah but if it is up towards the front it fits better over her deep chest and will stay up.
[quote="kiahsmom\";p=\"63551":25yoz5ed]The link worked for me.
thanks so much for the heads up!  i'm definitely getting one for madeline!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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