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We found this range of products by accident when we went to a pet and animal expo in Melbourne. We were walking around with a free frizbee that someone had given us when we came upon this companies stall.
When the owner saw us clutching the plastic frizbee he came over to us.. took it out of our hands.. broke it in half.. and gave us one of his frizbees ($22 worth) free of charge. He said he didn't want us to kill our dog with the cheap plastic one.. and seeing how easy it broke.. we can understand why.
Needless to say he had us hook, line and sinker with an action like that.. so we had a look at his other products.

His products are even used by Zoo's to entertain elephants and tigers.. so they are pretty strong. He also has a horse range.

We ended up buying on of his Home Alone kits: ... &cPath=1_7

Heidi loves this thing.. and will hang off it for hours.
She loves coming home and running up to it.. jumping and then swinging away.
You can put food in the ball so that it can be used as a treat toy.. and there are plenty of spare parts.

And NO.. we do not work for this company.. we are just VERY happy customers.
I've put many people onto these products and not one person has complained.

Hope you get something out of this.



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Looks like she loves her toy.  They look interesting too bad they aren't in the states.
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