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awful coughing

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We adopted Henry on Monday, picked him up on Tuesday.  He's been having some normal adjustment issues until today.  This afternoon he started coughing like he was choking.  He coughed for a few minutes then seemed to be fine.  This evening, he was coughing more.  It sounds awful.  I called the vet, vet said it's Christmas and unless there's vomiting or bleeding, then he should be fine.  What can I do in the mean time to help the cough?
Zhanna :(
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Sounds like he might have kennel cough if that is all he is doing.  I had a pup with it once and it is horrible to hear them cough like that. Does he have a fever?  That is always a good thing to keep track of to tell you how things are going. I can't remember if there was anything the vet gave me to help.  It seems that it just has to run the course.  You could make him an herbal tea to drink if you had some.  He might not want to take it though. You could warm him some chicken broth or some kind of broth, dilute it with water so it is not so salty and give him that warm to drink, that would help sooth him some.  Just repeat at times over the day.  I would suggest adding some honey, but not sure if that is o.k. with a puppy.  Might want to goggle that and see if it comes up. It really is sad how the vet world is now too busy due to a holiday to help a poor little pup, but that is how they've become.  Good luck getting him over this.  We will keep our paws crossed for you.    

Nano, Mateo & Talia
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I don't think he has a fever.  I think maybe he got too cold after his bath the other day.  He's got a runny nose and some gooey eye boogers.  He is also hesitant to eat this morning; probably because of the sore throat.  
Thanks for the help.
Zhanna and Little Henry
Make sure he drinks lots of broth in small amounts thru out the day.
Thanks again.
I soaked his food until is was soft mush and he ate that just fine.  I deffinately plan on taking him to the vet!  They open at 8:30 and I'll be waiting when they do.
Turns out the "on call" vet went out of town!  That's why I didn't go today.
Henry is still going potty and poo just fine.  The nose stuff seems to be clear.  The eye stuff looks like white-ish/yellow-ish snot.  The cough seems to be like he's trying to cough up something, but nothing comes out.
Merry Christmas!  I'll let you know how it turns out.
OK.  Henry stopped going potty and poo and started vomiting instead.  I took him to our vet this morning, but he wasn't there.  Just the nurses were and said I'd have to go somewhere else.  So I took him to the vet by the church we go to.  They were very helpful.  She said it looked like a very bad cold/upper respitory infection.  They gave him a shot of antibiotics and some cough medicine.  He's already coughing less.  She said that if he can't keep down any food or water, then we'll need to bring him back tomorrow and put him on an IV.
I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes.  Thanks for the concern and prayers.
Zhanna and Henry
Glad he is already doing better with the coughing.  Have you found a new vet, I wonder?  Nice to find someone who cares and is working for the poor sick animals during the holidays.  He probably started vomiting due to coughing so hard, poor guy.  What I do for my babies in that case is make a very nutritious broth.  Get some bone in chicken, carrots, celery and add some water and boil to make a nice nutritious broth.  You can throw in some white rice too if you like.  If he cannot take the soup, just strain off the broth and give this too him.  A lot of smaller feedings works best.  If he can hold down the whole soup give it to him.  Hopefully he won't need the IV but I know it is nice to have some answers for the poor little guy.  

Hugs and snuggles from my pack to yours.
Forgot to tell you to de-bone the chicken and pull out the skin from the broth also.  

Nano [/code][/quote]
Hard to find a vet, let alone a good one, perhaps you may have found yourself a new vet out of all of this? Glad to hear that Henry is starting to respond & Yes, I'll keep my fingers crossed that IV'S aren't necessary for the poor guy..Give him a big hug for me...
Update on Henry.

Well, all seems to be going well.  Henry kept down his dinner last night, his breakfast and lunch today, and has managed to keep down his medicine too!  The coughing is much less.  He even wanted to play today for a few minutes, but he started coughing again so came back inside.

As soon as I figure how to get pics off this new camera, I'll put up some pics.

I am so glad that he is doing well!! you must give him lovins from us for his continued improvement.
Woo hoo,,,glad to hear that Henry is doing better...Something else you might try that helps with the cough is Robitussin, chilldrens formula..I got this from some of my other boxer friends that know way more than me about coughs & such. Give that little guy a big hug for me... :)
Glad little Henry is improving! Can't wait to see some pics of him!

Daisy sends him a big, sloppy boxer kiss!

Henry continues to improve.  We will go back to the vet on Tuesday.

I managed to get one picture of him in the photo gallery.  I've decided I'll put up a new pic every month so everybody can watch him grow.

 Thanks again for all your concern.  Have a Happy New Year and God bless.

Zhanna :)
Just seen your pics of Henry- he's really cute! Can't wait to watch him grow into a big, handsom boy!

How's Henry doing?  Update please!
Ooops.  Forgot to updadte.  
Henry is doing great!  The coughing is mostly gone.  He only coughs if he gets really excited, and then only a little.  Doc said he's free to do whatever.  We went yesterday to pick up my son from grandma's house and Henry loved meeting grandma.  Son went back to school today from Christmas break.
Thanks to all for praying and kind concern.
So glad to hear Henery is doing better!! It's heartbreaking to see them sick.  

Took a look at the pics, hes a cutie!
Woo hoo, Henry is on the mend....Glad to hear that..Like Kym said, it's hearbreaking when our "kids" don't feel good...And he got to go on a car ride too....That's Samson's favorite thing to do, besides walk,, he'll ride in the car anywhere, just wants to go..... :)
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