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Baby update!!!!

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We went to the doctors office yesterday and no we havent had him yet. He is being stubborn. Today is Laurens due date and no baby. We set up an inducement day for Monday February 4th. So whether he likes it or not he will be coming if he doesnt decide to come before then. Im so excited, cant wait. I hope all of you are doing well.
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Congrats, early. Next week at this time he will be in his beautiful nursery.
you must be sooooo excited..i would be..congrats early ..i saw the pics of the nursery you posted and it all looks just tell him to get a move on.
How exciting!  :D  Good luck with the labor and delivery, I hope everything goes smoothly!
Well darn, I saw the title and I was thinking, "oh boy, a new baby".....Tell that little one to get a move on  :lol:
OMG I cant wait to see that little bundle!!! Good luck!! Try walking alot like go to the mall or something! It always helped me!;)
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