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baby wipes??

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So what does everyone use when their dog gets dirty other than baths.... i thought i read somewhere about baby wipes... I need to get something cuz dungy just had a bath and already is getting dirty w/ all this mud and melting snow.

Can u use baby wipes or should i get those doggy wipes
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Baby whipes are fine, but I love the Paul Mitchel eye and ear whipes.  Just because they are gentle, but baby whipe are good too.   Also if its a lot of mud, then can always do a wet face cloth and clean that way too.
I use the baby wipes. One, because I always have them in the house, and two, because they are a lot cheaper than doggie wipes. The unscented ones also double as a great ear, muzzle, and chin wipe!  :D
I have luck just rubbing Felix down with a towel to get off mud and dirt.  If it won't come off that way, i spray him with warm water and rub again with a towel.. usually comes off.
We bought the doggy wipes at first. They smelled great but she never got used to us using those and she would always try to bite them...

Because of the humid climate we live in we wipe britney down every night with warm water and towel. My duty is holding her face and my wife wiping her down.
We've had a container of warm water waiting at the door, and we dunk each foot into the container, then wipe with a towel, in the case of extreme mud outside.  It helps to have 2 people to help, but it's doable with one person.  The water can then be used to water plants (hey, we live in dought-stricken Georgia!).
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