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Baby Yelped when I touched her left ear

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I tried to look at it this morning there's no cuts or anything on the top, so it must be something down in further.  She's very jumpy when I try to touch anything.  She's not scratching it or anything, just shakes her head now and then.  

Looks like a vet trip for her.
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Get well soon Baby!
My sisters dalmation used to do that when she had an ear infection.  Hope she feels better quickly.
Hope she feels better, Ekim was like that with ear infections.

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Check out the thread on ear mites and from there I would say maybe an infection or yeast deep in the ear....they are sore.  Also I dont know if you are in a tick area, but if so be sure the check the ear to make sure a tick has not taken up home in there.....
Hoping Baby's ear is allright...
my dog at my mom's house- Simba tends to get yeast infections in his ear...but you can tell with him because his ear gets red, and has a weird brownish red discharge and smells to high heavens...blah...poor Baby, I hope it isn't serious and she gets better soon
Thanks everyone. I haven't noticed any smell or any kind of a discharge.  Just her shaking her head and I wouldn't have known it was sore if I wouldn't have happened to pet her on that ear this morning and she yelped.

I'll try and look more closely tonight when I get home.  I'd like to get her to the vet maybe tomorrow night - that's when he's opened until 6:00 and I can go after work.
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