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Bowie (Bacchus & Rhone - always remembered)
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01. He was so big and burley looking, but was always the baby of the family.

02. His coat was made of short hair.

03. He was usually on high alert, and routinely liked to circle around before he got settled into a new place.

04. He had a bone to pick with anyone in uniform.

05. At his heaviest, he was 78 pounds.

06. He had the cutest little pout’er lip. Ever.

07. After he was fixed, we took a day off of work because he looked like such a sad panda.

08. Like two or three instances of fleas. **** those things.

09. One time we got him some goldfish in a kiddy pool for his birthday thinking it would be funny to watch him chase them... he ate all of them alive with his sister.

10. He was strong and fast as hell. Man, he could run in his prime.

11. Loved to run after and catch tennis balls at the beach and park.

12. Destroyed any/all stuffed dog toys with a record-setting fury. He had a special love for Christmas ducks with squeakers.

13. He loved to cuddle up and sleep with his head propped up on his sisters back.

14. He hated cats. Couldn’t argue with that one.

15. Man, his little whining for a treat ‘trick’ at the end of his life was annoying. Too annoying.

16. But his little “begging dog face” for table scraps would melt you.

17. He loved a road trip in the truck or Pri.

18. He loved to sleep right up against you or right between the legs. All hot and big as shit.

19. One time he puked and shit all over the entire house, like everywhere. Shout out to Bud for cleaning like a champ!

20. He didn’t like closed doors and always wanted full access.

21. Took on a couple big dogs. And lost.

22. Set us back for $350. The right price.

A price that was a stretch for us at the time.

23. Never took to any of the vets who looked him over. Not one.

24. He was never mean or fierce to any other dogs or people. He was a lover and a softy.

25. His whole life, he would not step over a string, power cord or even the smallest of barriers. Don’t ask me why, but it transferred to his sister Rhone -e- Pony too.

26. Loved to play tug-a-war, it was the only tome he would growl. He was strong as shit too.

27. Every time he pooped, he would come back inside and do a hot lap as if he had just won a race.

27. Certified World Champion Reverse Brindle Boxer.

- - - -

ONE LAST LINE: We’ll miss you, bubs. Come back!

With Love,
Matthew, Sarah, Evelynn & Avila
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