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Barking at the door.

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I just wanted to know if this is normal behavior and if your dogs do it. Maverick barely ever barks unless he needs out of the crate at night to pee which is rare OR someone is at the door that he is not familiar with. I live in an apt complex so there are neighbors across the hall and whenever he hears them he goes to the door and gives a GROWL and a BARK. He does this if they are my guests as well but as long as i allow these people into my place maverick goes back to normal and wiggles his but and wants to be friends. Is it normal to bark when someone comes close to the home? He does this growl/bark combo and it's a big boy voice. Youd think i have a full grown male rotti in here and it's just little old 42lb maverick. Travis says that he is just being protective and not aggressive and that it isnt a problem. He prefers this so that people are deterred from entering. We dont live in that great of a city...were students lol.
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Duke is that way, once Adam or I go to the door and let them in he is fine.  Our cable guy came yesterday and he barked/growled until Adam let him in and then he was happy and normal.  He will bark until he knows it is ok.  If we don't go to the door he will continue until the person is gone.  He isn't aggressive towards the person when we let them in, just a warning I think, an alarm to let us know someone is there.
Kash and Hanna think that anyone who walks on the sidewalk by their house is barking material.   They will bark and anyone and everyone who walks by the house.  Even at the door when someone knocks.  However if a stranger enters the house, they run an hide  :crazy: '

I think they are just protecting their home.   Give new meaning to the term "Bark is worse than their bite" hu?
phew...good to know this is normal behavior...he just oneday started doing it like 2 months ago. strange how they decide something is good to do.
Oh we thought we had a mute dog for the longest time.  Then Hanna found her inner bark, now I miss the mute dog.   It was nice and quiet back then!!!  ha ha ha
Our lab mix was the same way...she didn't bark until we bought our own house now if someone is at the door or if Adam comes home late at night its like you can't get them to stop until the door is shut again.
Maverick barks until he hears the people pass by or go into a different apt then he comes flopping back to the couch to sit with me with a big smile on his face like.."did i do a good job mom?"
He's gotta protect his mama!!!  Duke will sleep at the edge of the bed or by the door in the bedroom so he can see the front door until Adam goes to bed then he will cuddle with us, like ok papa is here so he can protect us.
Boxers make good watch dogs for a reason.  I think this one of the great things about them.  Oggie is just starting to do this now, I was getting worried he would never start barking at people outside.
Sam and Lucy bark at any person or animal within their sight even if they are across the street! They do the same thing after the person or animal passes, looking back at me like they are want assurance for doing their job or something. Very funny but sometimes, especially when you are on the phone or watching tv, very annoying... :lol:
Tyson will give a deep bark if the doorbell rings.  But he never barks at people walking by.  He just sits there and stares!  It's kinda nice.
I want my dog to bark at everyone/everything outside.  I've actually been training him to do so.

isis barks at

1.birds when shes INSIDE..if shes outside she could careless about them

2. the grass ninjas ( guys who cut the grass wearing towels wrapped around their heads all you can see is eyes) lmao..she really doesnt like them !! they can be walking by 3 houses down..if she sees them shes all over it...haha.. :wink: they are the ones i put that pic up for ,of her,  that i made ..b/c one kept trying to tell me how mean boxers were :roll: argued with me about it :roll:  

3. the cat if he refuses to play with her,shes relentless with that

4. she barks when onyx barks(vibration) if someones at the door..if they come in ,she's silly ..if i let her out and they are still outside she flips out...BIG BIG GIRL BARK hair up everything haha( hence why we have to cut our own grass..lawn ninjas are scared)

5. she barks at imaginary things the air :?

6. at leaves or flowers if they blow in the wind :?

7. her shadow
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Ok well barking at imaginary things can be pretty annoying.  It's like the dog that cried wolf....

My friends lab seriously barks at everything and nothing.  You'll be having a conversation with a person and say something like "hello" or "whats up" or something completely NOTHING at all and the dog immediately goes into a barking frenzy and takes off for the front door....this happens like 10 times a day
Diesel doesn't bark at all unless he wants a toy chyna has.

I had an issue with the mailman the other day who had to come to the door. Chyna was barking like crazy, but Diesel was standing next to me at the door his whole body wiggling, thinking a new friend is coming over just for him.
The mailman didn't give a second glance at chyna, but he made me hold Diesel back before I could open the door to get the mail from him.

I mean, I understand the problems mail-people go through with dogs..but sheesh he could at least notice that he's not being aggressive before freaking out.
Donner will bark a couple times when someone pulls in our driveway, but just let someone pull into the drive across the road and he is on FULL ALERT, barks, runs from window to window until one of us gets up, looks out then says "OK" Neighbor laughs his butt off, he doesn't need a dog, ours guards his yard just fine :lol:  Crazy dog :wink:
Angel has a deep booming bark, even more so than Samson and I am sure that between the 2 they have scared the crap out of delivery people if I'm not here...Angel barks at the squirels, the birds, the roaming dogs, you name it..Samson is more prone to chiming in with her then he used to be...If someone pulls up in front of the house, my 2 definitely let you know someone is here....So yea, Mav is just going into protective mode with you  :)
Kiah barks at things outside and I am glad because I want her to alert me if someone is out there.  She never barks at my sisters cars when they pull in the driveway but I have had people she doesn't know pull in and she barks at them.
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